As we celebrate Halloween and turn the calendar page into November, our Ohio Cannabis Horoscope returns! Read what our canna-astrologer Alex says about these energies and learn which Ohio cannabis products she suggests to stay in balance this month:


Coming off an intense October, November offers a little relief from the intensity of Eclipse season. Saturn Stations Direct, and the Sagittarius constellation welcomes a handful of planets.

On November 4, Saturn Stations Direct at 0 degrees of Pisces. For nearly half the year, we’ve had Saturn in Retrograde.

Back in March, Saturn first ingresed into Pisces. This was the first time since 1996 the planet of restrictions, maturity, time, and control had been in Mutable Water. Only a short time after, Saturn stationed Retrograde on June 17 and began its “backward” motion.

Since midsummer, we’ve been in the reformulation and rebuilding process a Saturn Retrograde requires. Even though Saturn commends hard work, a sign like Pisces can make it difficult to identify our efforts. Reference where Pisces falls in your birth chart. This is where Saturn will be emphasizing experiences until 2025. Retrogrades tend to require a “redo” somewhere.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces does not fair well when it comes to boundaries. Saturn focuses largely on security and stability, and boundaries are vital to maintaining these things. Healthy boundaries extend not only to friendships, but also to your immune system.

Terps to help you get by…

Many illnesses are caused by inflammation, making this a great time to utilize anti-inflammatory terpenes like Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. Butterfly Effect’s Cuban Linx flower delivers these terpenes and more, descended from a heady lineage of GMO and Trigerian. Looking for some more “concentrated” relief? Consider an ice water hash that preserves terps to their fullest expression. We just reviewed this one from Ancient Roots.

Are You in Your “Saturn Return”?

People born between 1935-1938, 1964-1967, and 1993-1996 will likely have their Saturn in Pisces. Note: some individuals born in these years may have their Saturn placement in Aquarius or Aries based on Retrograde cycles.

Those with Saturn in Pisces in their birth chart are in their “Saturn Return” era. Saturn Returns are monumental transits where our past choices are magnified for self-acceptance and self-awareness. We become hyper aware of what does and does not work for us in this transit. A daytime focused strain such as Klutch’s Catfish might help. (more info)


On November 8—the day after the election—the planet of love, relationships, and diplomacy moves into its home sign of Libra. Astrologers would say Venus is happiest in the domain of Libra (Taurus too) because the gentle, caring, and balancing qualities of the planet shine through effortlessly.

Libra governs relationships and intimacy, so if you’re in the market for love and connection, this transit is right on time. Another positive factor for this transit is that Venus remains unaspected for most of the month. All of Venus in Libra’s goodness will energetically pour out in that time.

Get into the Venus in Libra vibe and reach for an edible that’s delicate and decadent. Koala Edibles Strawberry Cheesecake Bar has cheesecake, freeze-dried strawberries, and graham crackers. This decadent treat has 110mg per chocolate bar, made by our friends at Beneleaves.

Oppositions: A Wound Needing Healing

On November 22, Venus will directly oppose Chiron in Aries at 15°. Oppositions are experienced in connections with others—a very Libran concept. This transit will be no different. Chiron indicates a wound needing healing, and Venus is an ideal partner to support that.

For a brief period of time on November 29, Venus will exactly Oppose the North Node, Conjunct the South Node at 24 degrees. This transit may feel like deja vu. Connections with other people may feel like they transcend lifetimes. Sensitivity to others’ needs may also be heightened. Keep in mind those boundaries mentioned earlier, and try not to get swept away by charm. Guard your energies by meditating and sipping on some hot tea. Kick it up with some lemon honey from Lighthouse Sciences.


On November 10, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This could be a time where we feel very “in the moment.” This hyper-focus on the present may distract us from what’s out of sight, and therefore out of mind. A checklist or whiteboard will be quite helpful for remembering details.

Pinene is the terpene to reach for if you need to boost brain power. The Standard’s Alien Starfighter is Pinene-rich strain, and a favorite of Ohio patients for its dank, citrus aroma. Pick it up at a discount at one of Standard Wellness’s The Forest dispensaries in Springfield, Cincinnati, or Sandusky.

Time for a Deep Dive into Research?

Sagittarius energies could bring the right time to dive into some form of research and reporting, or to study. The Mutable Fire sign is connected to Jupiter and the Ninth House in Astrology. Sagittarius is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, the logical processing center. It’s no wonder that this zodiac sign is akin to learning, philosophy, education, and dogma.


Later in the month, the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22. The Sun illuminates this Jupitarian constellation, energizing an adventurous spirit. Rules are no fun for Sagittarius, a tempestuous combination with boundary-evaporator that is Saturn in Pisces.

Two days later on the 24th, Mars moves into Sagittarius. Mars, a quick-moving planet, gets an enthusiastic boost in Sagittarius. With all the momentum this transit can provide, it may be tempting to “over do it” – a very Jupiter/Sagittarius theme.

Did you know? Sagittarius is connected to sacral and sciatic nerves…

In Body Astrology, Sagittarius is connected to the sacral and sciatic nerves. Stretching yourself too thin this month may leave you feeling extra burnt out, or left with nervous exhaustion.

Transdermal patches like those from The Standard and Mainstreet Health are ideal for pain relief and relaxation on-the-go. I highly recommend reaching for these to soothe back and shoulder tension. Best of all, once applied you can forget about them and they’ll keep working.


On November 13th, a New Moon in Scorpio finalizes this year’s Fixed sign lunations. Though not connected to an Eclipse, this New Moon will have a heavy energy surrounding it.

Taking place at 21° of Scorpio, this New Moon is Conjunct Mars at 22° of Scorpio and exactly opposite Uranus at 21° of Taurus. It’s very likely that you or those around you will experience emotional turbulence on and around this day.

Since Mars is right on top of the Sun and Moon, expect some over-reacting and impulsiveness from you or those you’re spending time with. Triggering exchanges may occur within you, those around you, or the collective. A good time to offer those people some grace. Help stay calm with some linalool-focused strains.

Nov 27th – Full Moon in Gemini

The last transit of the month takes place November 27 with a Full Moon in Gemini. When the Moon is positioned in Gemini, emotional processing is best through words. Those who are sensitive to spikes in anxiety may want to take extra care to soothe their nervous system. In fact, in Astrology Gemini is associated with sensory processing, anxiety, and nervous digestion.

Appalachian Pharm’s Peanut Butter Mac flower features three anxiety-soothing terpenes: Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. It’s earthy, woodsy taste makes it a favorite of Ohio Medical Marijauana patients on Reddit. Galenas Solo Burger is another frosty favorite and relieving strain to reach for. It features a cross lineage of GMO Cookies and Larry OG.

All or Nothing Attitude…

A Full Moon in Gemini may give us an all-or-nothing attitude. Another Mutable Sign, Gemini requires the same care as both Pisces and Sagittarius to not over commit, under prepare. This Gemini Full Moon will Oppose Mars at 2° of Sagittarius and Square Saturn at 0° of Pisces. When Saturn Squares the Moon, we may feel lonely but motivated to accomplish our goals. Mars being in Opposition to this Moon could be the nudge we need to get stuff done.

When it comes to getting stuff done, MedicateOH and the advocates of Ohio have been hard at work with the Yes on Issue 2 campaign. In addition to our reporting about Issue 2, we’re holding a Career Fair & Voter Rally on Nov. 1st in Columbus. Stayed tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for election results, analysis, and more about what’s changing in cannabis in Ohio & beyond.

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Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH provides these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


  • Alex Pearson

    Alex Pearson is an Executive Board Member and the Editor in Chief at Medicate OH. Outside of entheogenic medicine and cannabis writing, branding, and advocacy, Alex offers spiritually insightful and deeply transformational tarot and astrology readings at The Perry Rose Academy. She's a mother, wife, and friend to all.