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Ohio Issue 2: Final Thoughts & 2 Advocacy Events

As voters head to the polls tomorrow, MedicateOH wants to give Ohioans a few final thoughts about Issue 2 to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and how you can participate in the final advocacy push today and tomorrow.

The Opponents of Ohio’s Issue 2: Debunking the Arguments Against Marijuana Legalization

Advocates on both sides of Ohio’s Issue 2 to legalize marijuana hit the media circuit in recent weeks to discuss how the passage on November 7th would affect citizens. Spectrum News and the Columbus Dispatch hosted a debate to dive into some of the more controversial aspects of the proposed law.

Ballot Language Approved for Issue 2: What Happens Next in the Effort to Legalize...

The Ohio Ballot Board voted last week to approve the ballot language voters will see in the November 7th election for the proposed adult use marijuana law, to be called Issue 2. 
Ohioans Pass Issue 2

Ohioans Pass Issue 2 to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol: Timeline for Access to Adult...

Ohioans spoke loudly today in 2023's state election, passing* Issue 2 to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, with a little over half of voters passing the measure. When will citizens who don't possess a state medical marijuana card have access to dispensaries?

Ohioans Who Support Cannabis Legalization Urged to Contact Legislators before Dec. 7th

Last week Ohio voters passed Issue 2, legalizing adult-use cannabis. Portions of the law go into effect Dec. 7th, however some legislators have spoken in opposition to the vote and plan to make changes.  Although Gov. Dewine said yesterday that the changes to the new law won’t contain surprises, mistrust runs deep among Ohioans who voted yes expecting certain details to be included in the law. Citizens worried their vote won’t be reflected by lawmakers are urged to voice their opposition before the measure becomes law next month. Here's how advocates can do that: