Standard Wellness Ohio’s The Forest cannabis dispensaries in Sandusky and Springfield have been providing high-quality products to patients of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program since 2019. Exciting things are happening at The Forest: New product lines, a third dispensary in Cincinnati to open in late August, and a bigger location for the Sandusky store. Operators tell us about what the convenient new location at 5020 Milan Rd means for medical marijuana patients in Erie County. 

The Forest Sandusky: Moving Locations

In 2019, the Forest originally opened in Sandusky at 1651 Tiffin Ave. (U.S. 6). Their new location, which they moved to in April, is at 5020 Milan Rd. 

Emily Davenport is General Manager of the Forest Sandusky and noted that the new location comes with both challenges and opportunities. Being an hour’s drive from the Michigan border where cannabis is legal for all adults (often at a lower cost than in Ohio) certainly impacts the numbers of patients that patronize The Forest Sandusky. “With our relocation we have a great spot, but having Michigan right there has been really just pulling some people away from us.”

With adult use measures looming in Ohio, the Sandusky store is ready to grow and all Davenport can see is potential: “We were very excited to get into this building. It’s an old Pier One Imports building. So this space is absolutely massive. Expanding down the line is sure to come but being in this spot has just brought us so many more new patients.”

The proximity to Cedar Point and Kalahari has made vacation travelers to the area curious about The Forest. “We have a lot of people traveling during the summer time coming out to visit us and checking in on us to see what we are and what we do. So it has brought us many new faces. And definitely we’re sitting in the right spot for when this goes recreational.” 

The Standard Selection: Black Sheep, Airgraft, and More

The Forest dispensaries feature The Standard’s flower and processed products, made at their 55,000 square-foot facility in Gibsonburg, Ohio. Medical marijuana patients may be already familiar with The Standard and The Solid, their two lines of cannabis flower. 

Their newest sustainable line, Black Sheep, will replace The Solid line. All flower from the Black Sheep line is grown with specially-made soil formulated with 100% certified organic nutrients including sheep’s wool, peat moss & natural wood.

“Black Sheep has been getting a lot of great feedback with the new strains coming down the line,” said Davenport. “I think just the idea of what it means being a black sheep, right? I feel that it’s relatable, that patients within this community–they have felt at some point in their life, maybe misunderstood, not really heard. They feel like that black sheep of the family and that’s what Standard Wellness is driving home with the Black Sheep brand: ‘We see you.’ I think the patients have been really receptive to that.”

Davenport said the patients also responded well to Standard’s Airgraft pod vaporizers. “We launched Airgraft originally at The Forest dispensaries, and it is performing very well. Standard Wellness has since expanded Airgraft sales through other dispensaries in the state of Ohio.”

Outside of Standard Wellness brands, The Forest Sandusky stocks as many other products as possible from other cultivators and processors in their inventory.  “We really do carry everything,” says Davenport. “Every size from tenths to half ounces to full ounces, concentrates, 510 threaded cartridges, disposables, topicals, the widest assortment of tinctures, capsules, gummies, chocolates. Everything, every category–we have it covered.”

Patient Discounts

Every day – 2 products will be on sale, a flower and non-flower. 

Veterans, Indigent and Industry receive a 20% discount on regularly priced items, they receive an additional 5% discount on 20% off days.

Payment options

An ATM is available on site for patients to pay using cash, alternately patients can pay with CanPay, debit, or the Spendr app.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If a patient purchases a Standard Wellness product they are not satisfied with, Standard offers a 100% money back guarantee. 

The Forest Sandusky Hours:

Monday–Thursday: 9:00 am–7:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am–8:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am–7:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm

Curbside Service and Ample Parking at The Forest Sandusky

Davenport notes that The Forest Sandusky has a large parking lot that’s free for patients. “We do curbside as well. As patients that are unable to get into the dispensary, they can just pull right up in front of our building. Give us a call and we can come right out.”

The Forest & MedicateOH Community Partnership 

Patients can donate to MedicateOH all month long at dispensary registers at The Forest Sandusky. MedicateOH supports the Ohio medical marijuana program with journalism, advocacy and events. 

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  • Gabrielle Dion

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