Curious about fresh frozen concentrates? Our reviewer shares her thoughts on the Ancient Roots Castaway X Wilson Full Melt Ice Water Hash she tried. Only some Ohio dispensaries have refrigeration for this unique product; we’ll dive deep into the benefits of the extra care needed to make sure it stays fresh. 

Ice Water Hash: What is It?

When it comes to cannabis extraction, a method that gets talked about a lot is ice water hash (also known as bubble hash). Using nothing but ice, water, and filter bags to extract the cannabis flower, ice water hash preserves terpenes and cannabinoids to produce rich flavor and powerful effects. One company in Ohio producing the highest quality of concentrates via solventless ice water hash extraction is Ancient Roots. MedicateOH toured their facility and learned more about their processes. 

In addition to Full melt ice water hash, Ancient Roots grows craft flower and produces a variety of concentrates and edibles, including honey and solventless live rosin gummies.

Mary’s Review: Ancient Roots Castaway X Wilson Full Melt Ice Water Hash

Purchase date: Thursday October 19, 2023

Location: Elevated Growth Columbus

Price: $56 before tax (20% off – Industry Discount [original price $70])

Device Used: Puffco Proxy and Yocan Orbit


This product comes in the standard packaging offered for the concentrate line by Ancient Roots, with an added cold pack. The packaging is gorgeous, offering an earth-friendly cardboard design. The inner box slides out the side of the outer box with a natural fiber, resembling hemp or twine.

Once you slide the inner box out, you can open the top flab to reveal the cold pack, complete with the Ancient Roots logo. Underneath, you will find the all black glass container with the ice hash neatly held in a velvety soft cushion. There is also a provided metal spoon for dosing purposes. The presentation is very nice and provides a luxurious experience for the user.

Storage Suggestions

How this concentrate will appear is 100% dependent on how it is stored. If stored improperly, the color or texture may be subject to change. The dispensary you purchase this product from will have it kept in a refrigerator and they will tell you to do the same at home. It is also suggested to bring a cooler to take it home, especially in warmer weather. I recommend a micro fridge with a fridge lock if you cannot safely store your cannabis product in your kitchen refrigerator.


Once you are ready to use the product, you will be delighted to find there is a safety seal upon opening the container. Looking into the container is like looking into a bowl of freshly crushed crystals; it resembles a powdery substance, sparkles in the light, and has an off-white color. When using the tool to move around the product, it almost feels like it is light and fluffy like snow. It is quite easy to dose and to use in different devices.

Aroma & Effects

The ice hash has a wonderful aroma to it; it smells both earthy and skunky. The smell is an undeniable cannabis smell. The flavor is even better, highlighting the aromatics as well as added citrusy, fruity, floral, and sweet notes. It is easy to love this product for the smell and flavor alone. The effects are well-rounded, with both mind and body experiencing changes. I found the chatter and background noise in my mind quieted down and my shoulders started to relax. The lower back pain I came home with from work settled and I was able to fully melt into full relaxation. My mood had improved and I no longer felt the frustrations of the day.

Cleanup & Experimenting with Leaving it Out

The cleanup was easy. The product is full-melt, as advertised. Just a swipe of a cotton swab in my Puffco Proxy or Yocan Orbit and it was good to go for another round. If you are wondering how important keeping it cold is, wonder no more. I experimented with leaving it out overnight.

Letting this product come to room temperature makes it a bit sticky, changes the color to a pale yellow, and leaves some residue behind in your device. That being said, the whole time I kept it cold, it was a completely different experience. I took the risk so you do not have to, but if you accidentally leave it out, do not fret. The effects and flavor will remain, it just will feel and look a little different.

MedicateOH Explainer: Ice Water Hash and the Star Rating

Whether you’re new to using medical marijuana concentrates or have some more advanced experience, it’s fascinating to learn how the science of cannabis extraction has developed. Did you know that there’s a star rating for determining the quality of your cannabis? 

What is Ice Water Hash?

Ice Water Hash, also known as Bubble hash, is a Solventless Concentrate created by using fresh frozen cannabis, Ice, water, and agitation. During the agitation process, the trichome heads are removed and released into water which is filtered through mesh bubble bags to be collected and dried in a commercial freeze dryer. Traditionally, bubble bags are sized between 220μ – 25μ, and the usable material is between 160μ – 25μ. Once the dry process has been completed the ice water hash is ready for consumption or can be further processed into a product called Live Rosin.

Why use fresh frozen material?

Using fresh frozen product preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, unlike dried material which can degrade and oxidize leading to loss of both terpenes and other important components of the plant.

Ice Water Hash Star Rating

Ice water hash is divided into quality grades known as a star system. The product gets graded from one to six stars depending on its color, aroma, and how much residue is left when vaporized.

Based on a 6-star rating:

  • 1-2 Star is typically used for edibles and consists of less than 50% trichomes the rest being stalk and plant material.
  • 3-4 Star rating is the vast majority of bubble hash. It can be vaporized or used to press into rosin. It still has plenty of plant material which can leave a bit of residue behind when vaped. This quality of hash is considered “half-melt”.
  • 5-6 Star rating shouldn’t be pressed into rosin and will evaporate leaving very little residue when vaped. Due to the rareness and yield it often comes with a much higher price tag. This quality is considered “full melt” and what some consider the purest form of cannabis. Only certain cultivators can produce 5-6 star full melt Ice water hash.

Measuring Trichome Quality

The size of the screen used to capture the trichome heads gets measured and the best is found in the 90u-120u range. 90-120u contains the least number of contaminants and highest quality of trichome heads and the least amount of stalk which leads to a purer vaporization. Ancient Roots uses 90-120u for their full melt.

How to consume ICE WATER HASH

Both full melt and half melt hash can be consumed through vaporization.

When consuming full melt, the appearance is typically an off-white granulated sand, which can be consumed in that form. However, dosing your hash out into a piece of parchment with added heat is recommended. This will cause the hash to melt and is much easier to maneuver for vaporization.

  • Place desired amount of hash into a folded small square sheet of parchment paper.
  • Apply heat by using your hand or warm object to parchment allowing hash to melt.
  • After hash is melted use a dab tool to maneuver desired amount into vaporization device.

Storing Your Ice Water Hash

Keeping Ice Water Hash in a cold environment should be done to prevent hash from reaching room temperatures so that the trichome heads do not melt. Like all solventless products, Ice Water Hash is sensitive to light, temperature and oxidation. Properly storing your Ice Water Hash can lengthen the shelf life and preserve the product. A freezer gel pack inside of a cooler bag during purchase can ensure product stays cool until you can store it in a proper refrigerated environment.

Ice Water Hash Sale

Ancient Roots Full Melt Ice Water Hash will be 30 percent off for medical marijuana patients this Sunday 10/29 and Monday 10/30 at Elevated Growth Columbus (7520 High Cross Blvd). Stop by!

Find Ancient Roots products & sales near you by searching or


Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH writers provide these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


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