Namaste at Home and Meditate… 4 Ways to Explore Spiritual Healing with Cannabis

Medical patients in Ohio and all over the world not only report physical healing in their bodies, but also spiritual healing with cannabis.

Healing trauma through cannabis and seeking spirituality at the same time.
Cannabis has long been identified as an entheogen: A plant that can expand one’s consciousness and assist in spiritual growth.

Consider cannabis. What comes to mind?

If you picture passing joints in an ally behind a bar, you’re not alone in this thinking.

In my home state of Ohio, strict laws govern the state’s medical marijuana program, certainly indicating that the stigma of cannabis as a “party drug” is still rampant.

Ohio’s governor recently received an “F” grading by NORML for his policies against medical marijuana and remains adamantly against cannabis. Outside of the continued stigma, medical patients all over the state not only report physical healing in their bodies from cannabis but also spiritual healing with cannabis.

Plant medicines have been used by shamans, medicine men, and faith healers in spiritual ceremonies for centuries. When used with appropriate intention, cannabis can be an ethereal substance. One that’s purpose is spiritually-driven.

Cannabis as an Entheogen

Spiritual healing with cannabis in not a recent discovery. According to Leafly, Cannabis has long been identified as an entheogen: A plant that can expand one’s consciousness and assist in spiritual growth.

As the restrictions passed down through Prohibition and the War on Drugs begin to loosen, spiritual healing from cannabis is becoming more common. Cannabis churches have even begun popping up, utilizing the plant as a Holy Sacrament.

Doc Ray of Doc Ray Genetics discusses this topic in great detail. An original cannabis grower and PTSD veteran from Humboldt County, CA, his interpretation is as follows:

“References to Kaneh Bosem throughout the scrolls were changed in the King James revision to reflect ‘Calamus’ in 1604 and was rewritten and released by 1611. This singular misinterpretation has been the definer in demonizing the Sacred Tree of Life.”

A visual representation of Doc Ray’s research can be found below:

Kaneh Bosom
Quoted from @Do_Ray_Gene

How does science think spiritual healing with cannabis works?

Last year, a study aimed to explore how spiritual healing with cannabis might be possible. The researchers compared spiritual use of cannabis to recreational use and also to the use of psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin.

Interestingly, despite whether study participants were seeking spiritual with cannabis or were just using marijuana for fun, all of the participants eventually developed a spiritual motivation. This inspired continued entheogen use.

One participant shared: “I experimented with cannabis because I was curious about it. The first five times or so – this was over a period of maybe six or seven years – it didn’t do anything for me. Then suddenly my world exploded with spiritual revelation.”

Here are four ways you might achieve spiritual healing with cannabis:

1. Restoring Homeostasis

Restoring homeostasis to the body through the use of cannabis allows the brain to be open to neuroplasticity, redirection, and gratitude when the individual is intentional in accepting and allowing the work. Once in this state, the brain can heal trauma, maladaptive beliefs, overcome adversity, empower resiliency, and overall support spiritual and physical health and wellness.

One of my favorite lines is in the song “On and On” by Erykah Badu. She says, “if we are made in His image then call us by our names.” In my journey I have come back to this concept again and again.

Humans are creators. We give life and share light daily. And yet it feels like we also take it for granted. It is how we choose to face adversity that directs the trajectory of change.

In my own journey to find spiritual healing from cannabis, the ability to restore homeostasis has allowed me space and calm needed to target the emotions and behaviors which need redirection. Specifically, ones related to my trauma. One thing that I found helpful was to take the Adverse Childhood Experiences test from the CDC.

Your ACE score is “a tally of different types of abuse, neglect, and other hallmarks of a rough childhood. The rougher your childhood, the higher your score is likely to be and the higher your risk for later health problems. These health problems may include depression, hepatitis, suicide, and lung disease.

You can take the test here: Take The ACE Quiz

2. Healing Childhood Trauma and Mal-Adaptive Beliefs or Thought Patterns

The first five years of our development in childhood are crucial. In those years we get conditioned and wired to begin believing certain things about ourselves, our environment, and the world and people around us. These things shape the behaviors and choices we make moving forward.

Take a moment and consider your childhood years. Were they rooted in love, grace, and kindness? Or were there moments of great loss, imbalance… even tragedy? These things carry themselves within us as adults since our little bodies weren’t equipped to process them.

Whichever side of the scale you tip, we are products of our upbringing. Until we make a conscious decision to evaluate and shed that which no longer serves us (be it language, habits, routines, or even relationships), it is worth operating with the understanding we are all unique individuals treading the same shark-infested waters.

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3. Overcoming Adversity, Empowering Resiliency

We all walk own paths to overcoming adversity anyway. But when big adversity comes along, spirituality can be key to dealing with it.

Cue Corona Virus. So many of us turned to cannabis for mental and spiritual healing that Ohio made it an essential service. Forbes magazine reported that medical cannabis users with mental health conditions increased their use on average by 91 percent.

Healing isn’t easy. What we need to face often gets buried underneath years of normalized trauma responses. This is why it is truly a process. And the environment has to be set for it. Our brains have to be prepared and receptive to the lessons that are to be taught on each individual’s healing journey.

It isn’t possible to heal in the environments that made (or keep) us sick. Nor can healing take place with the routines, lifestyle choices, or food habits that made us unwell remaining intact. The environment and the reactions around us are crucial in neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to cope and adapt to new skills and strategies).

These strategies increase spiritual health and allow space to be our authentic selves.

Our culture teaches us to numb and push through adversity. However, resiliency comes through learning to overcome our obstacles. Blocked energy creates symptoms that mimic anxiety, depression, overall and imbalance, and angst originating from continuing patterns that don’t serve our holistic health.

Cannabis has helped me learn to sit and be present with my feelings. I can redirect them into more functional outlets for processing such as writing, meditation, yoga, and media art.

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4. Empowering Spiritual Health

Exploring spiritual health and being presence through cannabis use.
Disney’s 2020 movie, “Soul”

If you’ve seen the recent Disney movie Soul, you’re going to understand exactly what I am about to say.

Cannabis can be a tool to support an individual in reaching their zone. Cannabis can help in finding passion, meaning, and purpose for those who feel like they’ve lost access to these emotions.

Patient Successes with Spiritual Healing with Cannabis

Meg L., an Ohio medical marijuana patient, was one patient who found spiritual healing with cannabis. Her spirituality was present prior to ingesting cannabis, but through its use she has broadened her thinking to promote growth, whereas before she often felt stagnant or anxious. Meg said using cannabis as a busy mother helps relax her racing mind and tap into creative outlets like drawing or writing.

MedicateOH’s Editor in Chief @alexperry also expressed a deepening connection to spirituality through cannabis: “Cannabis is a conduit to spirituality which I believe provides an authentic impetus for trauma-healing. Cultivating presence and critical thinking skills has made me a better version of myself.” Alex often utilizes cannabis in communion with others during her tarot readings and consultations.

Our culture tells us that we have to seek outward validation and reinforcement. When ultimately, what we seek is internal. We need to have moments to pause then move through our lives authentically and in the pursuit of happiness.

The law of attraction says I am me and you are I. We are one. The flaws and toxicity we see in others are a mirror of inner work needed to be done within ourselves. Cannabis really helps me lean into the natural flow of life and practice radical acceptance. I hope you find ways for it to help you find a deeper spiritual connection, too.

Thank you for reading and holding space with me as we work through these moments together. I hope you found something safe here to take with you in your journey.


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