Hello! My name is Lea, or Cincy Mom Buds, and I am a mom of 3 boys.  

Generational trauma in families is a cycle I am passionate about breaking by presenting education, resources, and skills in a way that is holistic, simple, and empowers individual success with a trauma-informed approach- specifically for women and mothers. 

Cannabis has been a tool for breaking through intrusive thoughts and to navigate my mental health by facing symptoms courageously head on, with a holistic and open-minded perspective. 

A Need for Healing

I encountered early exposure to grief, violence, and other adverse experiences in childhood as well as into adulthood which ultimately led to a PTSD diagnosis and my choice to use Cannabis in my healing. 

I became a single, teenage mom at the age of 17. By 18, my son and I were homeless. I realized quickly that it would take a lot of grit and perseverance to overcome the obstacles in our way. I have worked diligently from that moment to build my career in behavior therapy and have since gained numerous certifications and over eight years of hands-on experience in my field. 

In my research and conversations with doctors, I found the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed were responsible for the adverse symptoms I was feeling and were not recommended for those with a PTSD diagnosis. However, it took months of therapy and my own exploration to uncover the trauma history and this information all while ingesting pharmaceuticals and self-medicating with alcohol; I was originally diagnosed with depression and I believe this stemmed from chronic alcohol use. ADHD and anxiety were also diagnosed. Originally, the doctors only looked at symptoms, digging deeper into the root of them was my idea. 

High to me means the ability to pull strength and move mountains that otherwise felt impassable, restoring homeostasis so as to calmly navigate the trials of this life using the skills I’ve acquired through my training and professional experience. 

My Biggest Lessons

In my journey, I have found resiliency is only built through the storms of adversity, how others and myself react in the eye of those storms is the key to progress.  Fear, guilt, and shame can seem crippling especially while using such a stigmatized plant; therefore, it is important to know we are not alone, we are heard, and we matter. 

Through the use of research and open dialogue with medical and Cannabis industry professionals, I have found a holistic approach to ingesting Cannabis, lifestyle change, intentional nutrition, intervention, and self-awareness go hand-in-hand. 

I have found tremendous healing through the pairing of these strategies alongside plant-based medication and I am excited to share more with you about my journey— highs and lows; thank you so much for following along.


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  • Lea, or MomBuds, is a young mom and professional with Cincinnati roots. She has nine years of experience working with children utilizing Behavioral Science and Therapy, a certification in Trauma Informed Care, and is passionate about the utilization of Cannabis in the recovery process from abuse, physical/mental illness, and addiction