Ushering into Eclipse Season and Pluto Stationing Direct, October has a headiness. This sensation is emphasized by the Fall Season’s Cardinal (Libra) and Fixed (Scorpio) energies. Here’s what our astrology expert Alex foresees, including some products that might be balancing during your journeys this month:


Earlier in April of this year, we had a rare occurrence of two Solar Eclipses and New Moons in one month. Just ten days apart, the first took place on 4/20, at 29 degrees of Cardinal Fire Aries. The latter, when the Sun and Moon aligned at 10 degrees of Taurus on April 30th.

Six months later on October 28, the Earth will block the light of the Sun in Scorpio from the Moon in Taurus; revealing a Lunar Eclipse at the fifth degree. This is the final in an ongoing series of Eclipses on the Fixed Axis. Since 2022, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius placements will have been activated in Square or Opposing configurations to all these Eclipses.

However, this year, the North Node shifted into Aries from Taurus. Note: The Nodes move backward (as if Retrograde) at all times. This move activated the Cardinal Axis, namely Aries and Libra, opposite or sibling signs whose Lunations (New/Full Moons) occur in tandem.

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The Fall 2023 Eclipse Season begins on October 14th with a New Moon at 21° of Libra. In phenomenal mathematical precision, the distance between the Sun, Moon, and Earth causes the Moon to block the Sun entirely from Earth’s view this day. For those who want a peek, this event occurs from 11:42 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. but will be visible in Ohio as only a Partial Eclipse.

While Lunar Cycles are held as optimal times for ritual and release, Eclipses muddle things. Many Astrologers advise against calling in when it may be critical to simply observe. Relaxing the mind comes easily with the Terpineol terpene family. You’ll see these terps labeled as Alpha-terpineol, Beta-terpineol, Gamma-terpineol, and Terpinen-4-ol according to Leafwell.

Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Skywalker OG have been noted for high levels of these relaxing terpenes. For this kind of relief, we recommend reaching for GTI Rhythm’s Blue Scout Cookies flower, which features a linage of Blue Dream x Girl Scout Cookies (and GG4). Another favorite flower from our team is Appalachian Pharms Runtz Berries, regarded for its relieving and relaxing effects.

Not an MMJ patient yet or time to renew? It’s fast and easy with our partners at Leafwell. Here’s how my experience went.


A few brief but noteworthy transits occur mid-month. This includes an exact opposition between Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces on October 10. Saturn has been Retrograde since June 17 and has moved back to 1° of Pisces. Venus, having completed its time in Leo, moves on to Mutable Earth Virgo forming an exact opposition. Saturn and Venus largely deal with themes around security and insecurity, expressed in quite different ways.

Venus seeks stability through connection with others and material comforts. Saturn, though, seeks stability through trial and error, learning, and growing. Saturn’s gifts require hard work to be received, whereas Venus tends to favor a softer approach. For those with Venus or Saturn in Virgo or Pisces, you will feel this transit quite significantly. However, those with Earth and Mutable placements may also be attuned to its effects.


When Venus and Saturn oppose, we may become aware of insecurities around our position, our finances, and our appearance. Or, we may witness others that feel this way. If there are cracks in the foundation of these areas of life, this would be a wise time to evaluate and mend. Oppositions are always expressed through connections with others, these are not isolated experiences. On and around this date (also near the Eclipse) consider this in tense situations.

If you’re among those feeling the tension of this transit, find support through your senses. Venus rules touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. I find that when my senses are overwhelmed, I’m much more prone to headaches and irritability. Aromatherapy can be a wonderfully soothing remedy for such ailments. Beneleaves Lavender Lotion is a well-loved solution, as is Lighthouse Sciences Migraine Assist. Though its smell is a bit too much for my peak migraines, I find it’s great for a little extra TLC at the end of the day. I love spraying it on the bottom of my feet.


Then, on October 19, the Sun and Mercury align exactly at 25° of Libra. This alignment is known as a Cazimi, which occurs when a planet falls in an exact Conjunction with the Sun. When this happens, we witness the full light of the Sun imbued upon Mercury. One thing to note, Pluto will Square (tension) this Cazimi, but not exactly. Pluto’s Retrograde back into Capricorn has the planet stationing at 27° on October 11th, making it 2 degrees off from exactitude.

When we deal with Pluto, we have a potent player in an astrological alignment. Conversations, discussions, and negotiations may be especially powerful and influential on the day of this Cazimi. Need to get some rest the night before to prep for the Cazimi? Our publisher just posted a nighttime hot tea recipe using Vapen’s Mango Syrup.


The first planet to ingress into Scorpio this month is Mars on October 12. Traditional astrology connects Mars (in addition to Aries) as Scorpio’s ruling planet. Pluto, Scorpio’s contemporary associate, wasn’t discovered until 1930 making its relation to the zodiac far more modern. When a planet positions within its “home” constellation, we consider its energies positively impacted.

A few days prior on October 9, Venus moves into Virgo. As the planet of love, money, and values works through the Mutable Earth sign Virgo, it forms an energizing Sextile to Mars.


When Mars and Venus come into a positive aspect such as this 60-degree angle, we can expect a little pep in our step. To keep the good vibes going, products high in the terpene Limonene might be the best to reach for. (Fortunately, this is a fairly common terpene that won’t require too much of a search to find!)

Leafly reports that Wedding Cake and Do-Si-Dos are among the highest strains reported in Limonene. Certified’s Cherry Sherb Cake, Woodward’s Mushroom Cake, and Buckeye Relief’s Lemon Dosidos are favorites of this cannaisseur, who prefers soothing over stimulating strains.


Later in the month on October 22, Mercury moves into Scorpio followed one day later by the Sun, kicking off the Scorpio solar season. For the remainder of the month, these three planets embark on a journey through the Fixed, watery domain of Scorpio. This will be most restorative for those with Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces placements, but will fair favorably to the Earth signs.

In herbal astrology, Scorpio as a water sign is of “cold and wet” quality. For additional reference: Air signs are hot and wet, Fire signs are hot and dry, and Earth signs are cold and dry. Water signs can take on “excessive moisture” within the body, causing vulnerabilities. Additionally, too much “coldness” can fatigue and cause excess moisture.

To combat these unwanted excesses, we must bring in balancing qualities of drying and heat. Sage is an excellent and beginner-friendly herb that offers drying properties, particularly effective on mucus. Funny enough, those above-mentioned Terpinolene terpenes are found not only in cannabis, but also in herbs like sage as well as rosemary. Sounds delicious!

Read more about terpenes.


As all these energies collide this month, it may be a good time to check in with how you’re medicating. A great way to do this is by attending one of our free community events! These events provide an opportunity for people to meet the makers of cannabis medicines, talk with other patients about their experiences, and ask legal and health-related questions about using cannabis as medicine. On October 19th, we’ll be at the Lima Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center for the Ohio Proud Fair and on October 28th, we’ll be in Canton for their Alternative Wellness Fair. Both events are free. Join us!

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Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH provides these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


  • Alex Pearson

    Alex Pearson is an Executive Board Member and the Editor in Chief at Medicate OH. Outside of entheogenic medicine and cannabis writing, branding, and advocacy, Alex offers spiritually insightful and deeply transformational tarot and astrology readings at The Perry Rose Academy. She's a mother, wife, and friend to all.