Do you say it like “seer-up” or “surr-up”? Either way, this MMJ Mango Syrup product from Appalachian Pharm’s Vapen line makes a versatile base for patients exploring medicating with cannabis beverages. One patient shares her experience with various ways to use this product: 

Medicating with Cannabis Beverages

In 2021, we did a MedicateOH story about the potential for cannabis to help reduce the harmful impacts of alcohol. Whether you’re doing Sober September, are sober-curious, or just experimenting with alcohol-free beverage options, Ohio dispensaries have plenty of options that can help you change up your usual routine. 

MedicateOH has covered lots of ways to medicate with liquid cannabis and the processes that turn your favorite flower into something you can drink. There are beverages that come in various forms, from seltzers and sodas, to squeezable drink enhancers, powders, and syrups. Appalachian Pharm produces lots of them. Along with their syrups, their Major, Countdown and Wynk beverage lines are available in Ohio dispensaries. 

About Appalachian Pharm 

I’ve been familiar for some time with Appalachian Pharm and recently had a chance to try their Runtz Berries flower. Appalachian Pharm is a Jackson, Ohio-based processor that recently expanded to cultivation. 

About the Product: Vapen Mango Syrup

Vapen Mango Syrup is made primarily from corn and agave syrup combining it with a distillate of cannabis flower that’s extracted using ethanol. I purchased the Vapen Mango Syrup from Nar Reserve dispensary on September 1st using my Spendr account. It cost about 30 dollars with my discount. 

The syrup came in a 100 mL bottle, with 10 doses of 10mL each, with 30.46 mg of THC in each dose. The whole bottle contained 304.58 mg of THC. 

The Packaging

When I got it home from the dispensary, I opened up the bag. The Vapen Mango syrup was packaged inside a black plastic resealable zipper bag. Inside the bag came a blue plastic medicine bottle that should be familiar to you if you’ve ever gotten liquid meds at the pharmacy. It has a white plastic lid that is child-safe. It’s easy to open with just a slight press of my palm down and to the left. 

First Impressions

The product is very sticky and smells potent! I dribbled a few drops down the bottle. While I’m cleaning it off with a wet paper towel, it’s a reminder to be more careful when I pour it. The consistency is thick, reminding me of the cocktail mixer grenadine. As someone who’s about a year into not drinking alcohol anymore, it gave me some fun ideas! I decided to look up some recipes and try three different ways to medicate with it. 

Vapen Mango Syrup: 4 Ways!

I tried the Vapen Mango syrup three different ways. Well, actually it was four ways if you count taking it straight, which was how I tried it first. The taste was sweet. It wasn’t bad, but definitely had a very noticeable THC flavor to it. If you like that terpy-taste, then you might enjoy it straight! (I did!)

I also felt like taking the dose straight could make a good substitute for cough/cold medicine. By taking it straight, I noticed a pleasant sublingual effect. As opposed to an edible or drinkable that activates when it gets processed by your liver, sublingual products are activated when they hit the cells in your mouth. This can be a much more rapid onset. I found it very enjoyable and uplifting. 

Way #1: Vapen Frozen Drink

This was the most obvious way for me to use a mango syrup– in my morning frozen fruit drink! Whether you make it like a smoothie with healthful additions like yogurt or avocados is up to you, but I like to make mine with ice, lots of frozen mangoes, ginger cubes, and a few frozen strawberries, pineapple chunks and banana slices. I added chia seeds, flax seeds, and a splash of grapefruit juice, but you could mix it up with any add-ins you like. I mixed a 30 mg dose of my Vapen Mango Syrup to the frozen drink while I was blending it. It enhanced the texture and gave it a little terpy-taste, but not nearly as noticeable as the straight syrup.

Although the idea that mangoes enhance the effects of cannabis has been chalked up to myth by some experts, mangoes do have a high myrcene content. This terpene, apart from anti-inflammatory qualities, interacts with the blood-brain barrier, which experts think improves cannabinoid absorption. 

Whether or not the myrcene in the mangos was enhancing my high is unknown, but I definitely felt good! After finishing my frozen drink, I decided the Mango syrup gave me a very pleasant effect. But about an hour in, I felt sleepy. Maybe a little too sedating for a full dose in the morning. 

Way #2: Happy Hour Microdose Mango Pineapple Punch

Sparkling waters are so versatile and make such a great substitution in mocktails. I paired a 10 mg dose of Vapen Mango Syrup with some mango-flavored sparkling water, mango nectar, a splash of pineapple juice, and a little fresh lime juice with a lime wedge garnish. This mocktail was so refreshing and the lower dose of 10 mg gave a much more energizing effect than the 30 mg.

Way #3: Mango Evening Tea

For my third variety of using the Vapen Mango Syrup, I decided to see if it would be a good sleep elixir. Since I knew the 30 mg dose was a little too sedating from my frozen drink trial, I wanted to see how a nighttime tea would be. I took some loose mango tea leaves and made tea. Added my 30 mg dose to it while stirring. I enjoyed it while I took a hot bath and released all the tension from the day. This was my favorite way to medicate with Vapen Mango Syrup, and one I’ll be trying again. 

Want to make a CBD tea? Try out this recipe.

Overall Impressions of Vapen Mango Syrup

Would buy again! Additional flavors of Vapen Syrup are available in Grape and Green Apple and I’m curious to try those too. As summer turns to fall, I’m hearing that a chocolate syrup will be out soon! Just in time to add to a pumpkin spice latte or hot cocoa. Keep your eyes peeled for Vapen’s new syrup flavors on dispensary menus this fall. 

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Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH writers provide these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


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