Have you been wondering what it’s really like to go through the process of getting your Ohio Medical Marijuana card? MedicateOH Editor in Chief Alex Pearson registered for her medical marijuana card through Leafwell, and reports about her experience.

About Getting Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Having a valid, physician-approved medical cannabis certificate and medical marijuana card is the only way to legally consume cannabis in Ohio. Many Ohio municipalities have decriminalized adult use and possession of cannabis, but it is still illegal. Only patients who have one of 25 qualifying conditions and a recommendation from a MMJ doc can register for a card to legally purchase and consume cannabis in Ohio.

The process begins with submitting personal information on the intake form. The registration process took less than five minutes.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Create an account with your email
  2. Upload your Driver’s License or State ID
  3. OPTIONAL: Upload medical records
  4. Select your qualifying condition
  5. Answer demographics questions
  6. Fill out a brief health questionnaire
  7. See the doctor or make an appointment

Getting Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card: Virtual Appointment

At this point, you have completed all the steps required to secure your appointment, which is held virtually. Once registration is complete, you can move to the waiting room to meet with a doctor right away, or schedule an appointment.

I chose to schedule an appointment so I could be best prepared to discuss my qualifying condition. You can select a certain doctor, or go with the first available provider. I chose the latter option since I didn’t personally know any of the doctors.

Once my appointment was scheduled, I received a confirmation email with a direct link to attend a phone call. Included in this email were links, email addresses, and phone numbers to resources. I used the RSVP link in the confirmation email to add the appointment to my Google calendar.

About Leafwell: Providing Access to Doctors in 32 States

Leafwell provides access to doctors and physicians who can recommend cannabis in 32 states. Each state has set up a slightly different program but the experts at Leafwell can help guide you through what you need to know about where you live if you’re outside Ohio.

The medical marijuana doctor will share important state-specific information, including the amount of cannabis a medical cannabis patient may possess, any forms and documentation needed, and any related laws to be aware of. Some states like Ohio and Pennsylvania include restrictive lists of qualifying conditions, while others (like Oklahoma) allow people to qualify for a medical cannabis card with any medical condition. Based on a new executive order, Kentuckians also may benefit from consulting with a medical marijuana doctor to comply with state regulations allowing them to possess cannabis.

Whether you live in Ohio or elsewhere, patients who take part in MedicateOH’s affiliate program with Leafwell by using code “MedicateOH” at checkout will get $25 off their registration fee.

My Appointment

On the day of my appointment, I opened up my email and clicked the “Attend” button included in the confirmation message. This took me to a virtual waiting room. Once an available provider picked up my appointment (since I chose that option), I got a notification that my chart was being reviewed. After a few minutes, a pop-up appears showing the provider is ready to start.

From here, you simply click “Accept Call” and will connect to a provider. My appointment was scheduled for 9 a.m., my chart was reviewed by 9:02, and I was seen by 9:03. The call with my provider lasted about 10 minutes. The whole process was very quick and very efficient.

We discussed my condition (Chronic Pain/Migraines) and how it impacts my life, plus how I treat them. My provider agreed that MMJ could be useful for me. He recommended CBD-rich tinctures and oils, plus indica-heavy edibles at night. Since I often needed instant relief, vapes were also suggested as part of my regimen.

Next Steps: Registering with the State

Once my appointment was completed, I received two emails. One from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP), and two from Leafwell. The two from Leafwell confirmed my application approval and also the completion of payment.

The OMMCP registration email outlined the next steps I would need to follow with the state. First, I had to create an account so that I could activate my medical marijuana card.

After signing in, it was easy to navigate how to activate the card which includes a fee. This payment is completed virtually on your account. When your card is officially activated, you will see your name, D.O.B., issue date, and expiration date on the card (which is displayed on the top left). You can download a PDF or PNG version of the card to your smartphone.

When your card is activated, you are officially registered and ready to visit a dispensary. Keep in mind, your first trip to the dispensary could take some time if the location is busy. You will have to register in each individual dispensary’s system before you can make a purchase with them.

Visiting the Dispensary

My first trip to a dispensary was a breeze. I visited Zenleaf in Riverside and had a very helpful budtender, Kendra. The setup process with their system took about 10 minutes with their front-of-house staff. I had to fill out some paperwork, provide my Driver’s License, and a digital copy of my MMJ card. My recommending doctor was even on file, so I had no setup problems.

Appointment Cost and State Fee

The fee for certification with one of Leafwell’s doctors is $149 for their standard rate. Using our affiliate code “MedicateOH” will deduct $25 from that. Each state is different, but in Ohio, you will also have to pay a $50 registration fee to activate your MMJ card, or $25 if you qualify as a veteran or indigent (on SSI). Make sure to let your doctor know as well if you have veteran or indigent statuses. The doctor can add it to your registration profile to assure you get the appropriate discounts.

Leafwell states that their fee will only be charged in full if you are approved for a recommendation for cannabis in your state. If for any reason you are not approved for the selected qualifying condition, you will be refunded the amount you paid to Leafwell at the time of registration.

My Leafwell MMJ Recommendation Experience

I had no issues start-to-finish with Leafwell. The process was quick and efficient, and I would highly recommend Leafwell for any new patients to get their own Ohio MMJ card.

Have questions about getting your medical marijuana card? Reach out to us at medicateOH@gmail.com.

Editor’s Note: Leafwell paid for the author of this article’s physician recommendation fee.


  • Alex Pearson

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