The astrology of May 2023 articulates progress in some areas but a need for reflection in others. Fixed energy dominates this month. If we are a flower, we may bloom or bolt. Here’s Alex’s full forecast, featuring some Ohio cannabis products to consider along your journey as you fortify your strength through these powerful energies: 


On the very first of the month, Pluto stations retrograde. Less than a degree of progress into the sign of Aquarius (which took place March 23, 2023), the planet of death, transformation, power dynamics, sex, taboo, and regeneration moves backward yet again towards 29° of Capricorn.

These are some pretty intense archetypes, so this month, you may want to focus on soothing and decompression. Critical Hog from Hemma is an Indica-dominant hybrid featuring notes of citrus and woods. From my research, the seeds originate from Amsterdam. Mycerene is a dominant terpene in this strain, known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

In astrology, a planet transits between 0 and 29 degrees of a single zodiac sign. This is why cusps do not exist. Yes, you read that correctly. A planet will either be at 29 degrees of one zodiac, or 0 degrees of the next or previous sign, but never two zodiac signs at once.

Pluto’s Retrograde

Pluto’s retrograde will take us from 0° of Aquarius to 29° of Capricorn. Before Pluto will station direct (aka begin to move forward) it will go back to the 27th degree. Once it begins to progress ahead once more, the 28 and 29 degrees will be “revisited” before the planet once again ingresses to 0° of Aquarius. Pluto is a slow-moving planet, you will notice other planetary retrogrades cover a wider range of degrees than this.

The same day the Pluto retrograde begins, the Sun and Mercury form a cazimi. A cazimi occurs when a planet is within 1° of the sun’s position. On May 1, around noon, the Sun and Mercury will form an exact conjunction in Taurus at 11°. A Cazimi is not a rare event, since Mercury is a quick-moving planet that keeps up with the pace of solar transits. However, they are considered a favorable time for mental faculty, community, and communication. However, Mercury is Retrograde at this time, so things could be a little fuzzy. Certainly, a great time to meditate.

Ohio Cannabis Products to Consider

If you’re looking to relax, lessen pain, or quiet your mind, but don’t want to over-saturate your system, reach for a higher ratio of CBD to THC. Certified’s 2:1 Tropical Diamonds are crafted with a high dose of CBD, providing relief throughout the body with an effective balance of cannabinoids. They are vegan, gluten-free, long-lasting, and nano-emulsified for an optimal supply of cannabinoids and bioavailability.


On May 5, 2023, we get a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Throughout 2022, the Scorpio-Taurus axis was enlivened by eclipses. Those out there with Scorpio or Taurus, as well as Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, or Pisces placements, can probably confirm it has been quite metamorphic as of late. Now, we revisit this Nodal Axis for another Scorpio eclipse.

Eclipses come in pairs, but the former eclipse took place in Aries on April 20. What does that mean for us? Later this year in the fall, during Libra and Scorpio season, we will once again revisit the processes and revelations that may be beginning (or ending) now.

Full Moons: Time for Release

Astrologically, the impact of an eclipse stretches out about 6-months from when it occurs. It makes sense, then, that an eclipse impact begins to wear off once we are about to experience the paired eclipse in a sister sign. That being said, this particular eclipse and lunation are marked by a Full Moon. Unlike a New Moon, Full Moons are a time for release, clearing out, and letting go, often bringing an end to outdated relationships, dynamics, attitudes, and behaviors.

Feeling off balance during this time? It may be time to reconsider your relationship with the effects you get from your edible cannabis products. A new line of gummies and chocolates from Garden Society take a fresh approach to categorizing cannabis. Bright, Calm, Rest, and Joyful & Present categories (with coordinating colors) were designed to help MMJ patients match their cannabis medicine to the effects they are looking to achieve.

Purging Subconscious Experiences

As a Scorpio rising with a Scorpio stellium, I’m looking forward to this eclipse for the sake of purging subconscious experiences that need healing and acceptance. What this means for you will depend entirely on your own birth chart, and in which House this lunation will take place.

It’s important to note that both Mercury and Uranus are nearby the Sun during this Full Moon, which of course will be in Taurus. The Mercury Retrograde is still activated, and Uranus will always bring the unexpected. My best advice: stay open, and don’t force your feelings.

Make the most of your quiet moments this month, and look for chances to get outside. If you find yourself taking a few more hikes and walks than you have been, be sure to soothe your sore muscles with topicals like Beneleaves Wintergreen CBG lotion. This refreshing lotion helps reduce inflammation and banish pain so nothing gets in the way of you exploring nature.


With all this talk of nature, it’s no wonder we’re going to see 6 planets in the sign of Taurus on the Taurus New Moon on Friday, May 19th. This is a pretty late date for a New Moon since Gemini season starts less than a week later, but for Taurus placements, this is your moment. For the note-takers out there, the New Moon in Taurus will be exact at 11:53 a.m. EST.

In addition to both the luminaries in Fixed Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node will also be positioned there. Anytime we have three or more planets in a single zodiac sign, we call this a stellium. With five planets plus the North Node in Taurus, this is one powerful stellium.

New Moon Energy? Try Something New

Unafflicted by Retrogrades, this New Moon may be the right time for you to try something new. Taurus rules our values, security, and possessions – including talents and skills. If you’re in the process of transforming your life at work, at home, or in love, then it’s best to pay utilize to your value system as a guide. If you’re not so sure what your values are, consider this a call to spend some time reflecting on what it is you truly care about, why that is, and how it impacts your life.

Taurus is a sensual, comfortable sign. Good eats, good smells, a nice view, and most of Taurus’s needs are quite easily met. However, this convergence of energy could be quite exhausting to some. If you need to work more stimulation into your medicating ritual, consider Farmaceutical RX’s Peach Hashplant. This Sativa-dominant strain offers a true-to-name peach flavor, boasting a lineage of “Peach Kush” x Sour Diesel) x Romulan) x ’88 G13 Hashplant. Limonene, Linalool, and Beta-Caryophyllene terpenes give this flower its sweet, pungent profile. FRX’s Open Mind Gummies are Chakra-shaped edibles in a variety of organic, all-natural flavors. Check out the Live Resin Peach and Live Rosin Sour Razzleberry for a daytime boost.


As we come to the end of the month, the Sun will complete its journey through all the degrees of Taurus. Then, on May 21st, it will move into the sign of Mutable Air, Gemini. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, corresponds to your local community, siblings, close friends, social settings, writing, discussion, laughter, and jokes. Gemini brings a more playful perspective to the planetary conversations. One day prior, on May 20th, Mars moves into Leo.

Together, Gemini and Leo create an aspect called a Sextile. This will be activated from May 21 through the 23, bringing an energizing and quite harmonized atmosphere. The Sun rules our character and vitality, and Mars animates with energy and assertion. The dynamic archetype of Gemini and the exuberant character of Leo combine in a very spontaneous and thrilling way.

Be on the Lookout for Trickery, Arrogance

Gemini rules the throat and Leo the heart. Saying what you feel and meaning what you say is a great articulation of this combination of zodiac energy. Be on the lookout for trickery and arrogance in conversations. Gemini has a way with words, and Leo can be quite a force.

Do keep in mind that Pluto’s Retrograde beginning at 0° of Aquarius will directly oppose Mars during the first day or two of the aforementioned transit. Leo and Aquarius are sister or sibling signs, in direct opposition to one another. Aquarius and Gemini are both Air signs, so Pluto will also be in communication with the sun. To break this down more simply: the Sun will Sextile Mars, Mars will oppose Pluto, and the Sun will Trine Pluto. If you need a simple breakdown of what aspects are and mean, I have a blog post here you can check out.

Keep Your Eyes on Legal News

Once again, the Sun rules our character, Mars our force, and Pluto, transformation. With the influence of Pluto’s Retrograde, it will be important to keep an eye on the legal news that develops during this timeframe.

We are in times of great change, but we must be aware of, and participate in, these changes for them to benefit us. Visit our Legal News section and follow us on our social media channels for ongoing coverage of legal news in Ohio as well as resources for you to use.


Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH provides these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


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