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MedicateOH selected the article “MedicateOH Reviewer Tiffany Raves About Standard Wellness Gibsonburg Glue” by Tiffany Startup as a winner of our Product Review category in our recent MedicateOH Cannabis Writers’ Workshop.

Our MedicateOH reviewer Tiffany evaluated Standard Wellness’s strain called Gibsonburg Glue. Here’s what she thought:

First Impressions of Gibsonburg Glue

Hops, cream, cinnamon, grapefruit, vanilla. Sounds like the trendy new flavored IPA at the local microbrew. Smells kind of like it too. I am not referring to beer though. I am referring to the delectable, delicate, spicy new addition to my medical cannabis collection. Gibsonburg Glue by Standard Wellness is their in-house genetics version of what we know as GG4, or Gorilla Glue #4. Gibsonburg Glue is from their Solid line of flower. According to their website (, The Solid Line has “a little more bounce for your ounce. High value, that is highly economical.”

They definitely live up to those claims. 

Where I Got It: Strawberry Fields Columbus

I snagged up some fantastic deals at Strawberry Fields Columbus during a recent 30% off everything sale. I picked up 5.66g of the Gibsonburg Glue for $37.80. If you have not been to Strawberry fields yet, you should really go. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, always a ton of product choices, and they let you use Spendr! Spendr is a cool way to pay for your meds using an app on your phone.  No ATM fees or card terminal fees. (Check out for more information on that.)

Walking in to see the budtender, it smelled so amazing! So funky and fresh. I will never get tired of the dank weed smell at the dispensary. You know it’s going to be a good session when you can smell your products through the packaging. 

Standard Wellness Gibsonburg Glue Packaging

I love pop tops for packaging. They are easy to open and make a fun popping sound when you squeeze the sides. These fun, vibrant little nugglets fill up the container nicely. They are absolutely beautiful. Each one has a sort of iridescent lime-emerald-green hue drenched in golden sugar. The aroma does remind me of an IPA, with some diesel undertones. The nugglets are sticky and just the right density. I want to eat them! 

Gibsonburg Glue Details

Gibsonburg Glue’s THC comes in at 21.9 percent. The top 3 terpenes are caryophyllene 8.86mg/g, myrcene 4.51 mg/g and limonene 4.06 mg/g. I tend to gravitate toward these 3 terpenes. Learn more about Gibsonburg Glue at Standard Wellness’s website or check out the COA for this product.

Gibsonburg Glue Effects

I find great relief and comfort for muscle spasms, soreness, PTSD and anxiety. It all melts right away with this strain. I feel zingy. I am uplifted and centered. Relaxed. Feeling creative and focused. Sleeping could easily happen if I wanted. I like that I’m not forced to move or forced to sleep. I really enjoy the peppercorn/spicy notes tantalizing my taste buds from the caryophyllene and myrcene. 

Final Impressions of Gibsonburg Glue by Standard Wellness

Gibsonburg Glue is an amazing choice for the price and the quality. I am super impressed. At first I had trouble viewing the COA (certificate of analysis). When I finally realized I could zoom my camera, it worked. I’m a fan of minor cannabinoids and like to check the COA for that information. There was about 3.4mg/g of CBG which is known for its anti-inflammatory and gastrointestinal soothing properties. 

I give this strain 5 flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Super fire cannabis. I will definitely buy it again.


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  • Tiffany Startup

    Tiffany is a cannabis patient and advocate from Columbus, Ohio. She left her career as a chef to pursue her dream of working with cannabis after the positive impact plant medicine had on her life. Tiffany is passionate about helping others. She hopes to bring a sense of community and awareness to the cannabis industry.


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