A worker produces concentrates at Buckeye Relief.
Cultivators at Buckeye Relief begin production of small batches of concentrated cannabis through whole-plant hydrocarbon butane extraction, giving Ohio patients a different way to medicate.

Eastlake, OH-based cultivator fourth facility to receive processing license from state

After building out their extraction lab in record time and passing state inspections, Buckeye Relief recently announced they have been granted permission to produce concentrates, edibles, and other products for patients to have additional options for administering their medicine. Last month, the Ohio Board of Commerce approved the Level 1 cultivator to utilize the ethanol and hydrocarbon butane extraction process in their facility.

In addition to producing their own line of chocolates and concentrates in-house, Buckeye Relief will also begin offering several nationally-recognized cannabis-infused products this summer, including Wana Gummies and Apothecanna lotions and topicals. You may have had Wana‘s Sour Gummies if you’ve traveled to states such as Colorado, Nevada, or Michigan, where cannabis is legal recreationally. Wana has been in the forefront of the industry not only for producing some of the most popular cannabis-infused products for consumers, but they’ve recently made news for changing the packaging of their products as well to address the environmental impact of their containers and reduce their products’ carbon footprint.

So just what are concentrates, you ask?

A concentrate is a cannabis product that’s been processed using a method called whole-plant hydrocarbon butane extraction. Beyond being a different (and often more successful) route to administer your medication than dry herb vaporizing or consuming edibles, Ohio patients who experience bouts of acute pain or emotional distress can benefit from the very potent and rapid bioavailability of a concentrate, meaning that the medication takes effect almost immediately to provide fast relief. Concentrates come in several different textures, including crystalline, crumble, shatter, distallate, and badder/budder. According to Weedmaps, concentrates have become a popular item among marijuana users because the extraction process allows the cannabis to retain its various terpenes and cannabinoids more effectively than other forms. Beyond vaporizing, concentrates are often smoked using a dab ring, sprinkled on a bowl, or added to a rolled joint. In Ohio, patients can legally vaporize their concentrates only as smoking cannabis is not permitted.

A peek inside Buckeye Relief’s environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art medical marijuana cultivation facility in Eastlake, Ohio.

Buckeye Relief has announced that their concentrate product will be called Live Resin. Produced in small single-strain batches that are flash-frozen through whole-plant hydrocarbon butane extraction. This means that the freshly harvested marijuana flower is kept at subzero temperatures throughout the extraction process to release terpene profiles that give the finished product the same robust flavor and aroma that a live plant would have.

Andrew Rayburn, CEO & Co-Founder of Buckeye Relief, is proud that his team worked so hard to pass this recent state inspection at 100%. “We know patients are looking for alternatives to flower,” Rayburn said, “And we’re excited to start providing a wide variety of nationally-recognized brands as well as our own branded products.”

Buckeye Relief is the fourth cannabis cultivation company in Ohio to receive a Processing Certificate of Operation from the Ohio Board of Commerce.

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