Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients Share Their Successes with These Cannabis Strains for Treating PTSD

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Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for PTSD, but it’s important for patients who use it to choose the appropriate strains, methods, and dosages that are right for their body and specific condition. It can be difficult to navigate the PTSD experience, and finding the right strain and method of administration can be life-changing.

One of the 21 qualifying conditions for men and women to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While some may think of hardened veterans who’ve seen years of battle as being the most likely to be affected by PTSD, many who suffer aren’t veterans. A growing population of those who are treated for PTSD symptoms in Ohio and across the U.S. are women.

The PTSD Strains Ohioans Are Using

Today, to honor the end of PTSD Awareness Month and MedicateOH’s first monthly awareness program, we are bringing you some of the successes that Ohio patients have had using various strains of Ohio medical marijuana to treat their PTSD:

“I have PTSD. I generally shy away from strains that are above 23%. The higher THC, for me, can lend to an increase in anxiety. I am a huge believer in a daily CBD regimen; whether that is a full spectrum help/CBD product, or strains that have CBD. I have found that taking FECO at night, which has CBD, has been extremely helpful for over balance of my ECS. During the day, I microdose flower. Some of my favorite strains that are currently available are: crushed berries, Yuzu Purple, banana daddy, sour orange citrus, and burkle is great too. For the newly minted cannabis user with PTSD, shark shock is also great as it has a good amount of CBD that aids in tampering any uncomfortable side affects. Less THC does not mean less relief. Balancing the ratios is key….in my humble opinion.”

—Tricia Newland, MedicateOH Board Member

“I don’t have any particular strains, but my method to treat mine is to just stay slightly medicated the entire day. So technically I microdose ! It works very well for me because it keeps me calm and less freaked out. I’m constantly at 9/10 on edge, and marijuana brings me down to a 4/10. I can breathe. 💜”

—Dominique Charise, Columbus, Ohio

“Bio J by Cresco. It takes away all the aches and pains I feel and makes me giggly and happy.”

—Mary Allegar, Medical Marijuana Activist, Columbus, Ohio (Read Mary’s story here.)

“Some strains I really love—Blueberry being my favorite so far—along with Ice Cream Cake and Watermelon Ice, and Whip It. I find smoking the actual flower is most effective for me, but it is also easy & convenient to have edibles and other options they give you.”

Mandy Coyle, Cincinnati, Ohio (Read Mandy’s story of survival here.)

“I haven’t really found a strain specifically yet, but I really like the Butterfly Effect gummies from GrowOhio. They are so good for helping me sleep at night.”

Heaven Yoxheimer, Dayton, Ohio, MedicateOH board member (Read Heaven’s CPTSD story here.)

“Catfish by Calyx Peak. A perfect sativa heavy in myrcene that can calm my worst PTSD symptoms.”

Michael Reed, Ohio Canna Reviews, Dayton, Ohio

“Oddly enough I broke out the Shark Shock today as I was feeling like murdering someone. The shrink had started to talk about PTSD with me BC (before COVID) but we haven’t explored that yet. I have Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety and have generalized pain for a myriad of reasons including age. This year has been a learning experience, to say the least. I quit smoking ages ago when it made me paranoid. Some of the higher THC strains still do so I keep things like Cannatonic and Harle Tsu and Shark Shock around. It isn’t strictly chasing the high any longer.”

Shelley Baldwin, Albany, Ohio

It’s Your Turn

What strains do you use for PTSD? Comment below to join the conversation.


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