Zanesville, OH based Level 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivator and Processor Offers First Marijuana-infused Gummy Candies

The Butterfly Effect line of marijiuana-infused gummies, topicals and tinctures from Grow Ohio

Now that you’ve got your medical card and can legally purchase marijuana from a dispensary, what do you buy?

While many longtime recreational marijuana users are rejoicing in the finally getting to use cannabis to legally treat their medical conditions, others have never tried it, which is leaving them apprehensive about how to medicate effectively. “What may make one person high and happy may make another paranoid and uncomfortable,” notes the website 420 Intel.

One of the struggles that “newbie” patients are discovering is that they aren’t quite sure what is the best way to consume their marijuana, much less how to do it legally. Ohio law does not allow patients to consume cannabis through any method that involves combustion, so while you can’t smoke it in the form of a joint, you are permitted to use a vaporizer (“vape”) or purchase edibles, tinctures, or topicals from dispensaries.

Grow Ohio’s Butterfly Effect Gummies

“I really hate to sound like it but I haven’t a clue what I’m doing and all the googling isn’t helping,” said one anonymous user on a Facebook forum who was attempting to make edibles by stirring the flower into a brownie mix (NOTE: This is all wrong.) Cooking your own edibles can often be confusing, so why not just leave it to the experts?

On account of having moved back to Ohio from Nevada where recreational marijuana products have been legal for several years, I am not a newbie to edibles. So, on my recent trip to Terrasana in Columbus, in addition to buying some flower from a few different local cultivators, I decided to try Grow Ohio’s Butterfly Effect gummies.

While the price is rather high at $80 for 11 gummies, I’m confident that price will come down as supply goes up (much the way it did in Nevada). The gummies are 10 mg each and come in three flavors: Blue Rasperry, Strawberry, and Mango. They come in a small white child-safety capped bottle that could not be mistaken for candy and includes a red warning that it contains THC.

The gummies have a faint “weedlike” taste, but generally are quite tasty. Since my tolerance is quite low, only one gummy helped to relieve my back pain and made me a little bit sleepy, so these will be an end-of-day way for me to medicate while I opt for sativa-dominant strains during the day.

Overall, these gummies were terrific for treating my condition. This Ohio MMJ patient highly recommends them!

Gabrielle Dion Visca has been a writer, editor, and marketing professional for more than 20 years. She currently works as a medical content writer and advocate for legal and responsible marijuana use.


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