Getting Involved in the Cannabis Community: 3 Ways To Show Your Appreciation to the Medicine

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    If you’re new to cannabis, you might want to brace for one of its lesser-reported, often unexpected side effects: gratitude. 

    That’s right! Patients who switch to medical marijuana to help with their conditions sometimes report pain relief, better sleep, and more positive thinking. But some patients take that a step further… reporting overwhelming appreciation from the discovery that cannabis has been integral to their healing. 

    From stories of patients who kicked decades of opiate addiction by switching to medical marijuana to the multitude of reports that cannabis helped cure their cancer, patients who find powerful healing from this plant often want to shout it from the rooftops. If you live in Ohio, here’s a few ways to do just that: 

    1. Learn more about cannabis. 

    Cannabis education is so important to patients. By understanding the mechanisms behind the endocannabinoid system and how to select a strain by terpenes, patients become better equipped to treat their condition. When people discover that cannabis works for them, they often develop an insatiable curiosity for the plant. They may consider turning that passion into a career. 

    Perhaps you’ve decided that you’d make a good budtender based on your knowledge of cannabis products that treat your condition? Maybe you’d like to learn the ropes of the cultivation process? 

    For many, expanded legalization in states like Ohio has paved the path for a promising career pivot. The Cleveland School of Cannabis is one state-approved program that can prepare you for a career in the cannabis industry, regardless of what type of position you choose to pursue.

    If you’re looking for a paying job in the cannabis industry, think about the industry you’re in now and ask yourself whether you have a particular set of skills that might lend itself to a job in cannabis. If you’ve done farming, perhaps your knowledge might be applicable to a cultivation facility? For those with medical field and wellness backgrounds, your experience might help you land a dispensary or medical marijuana doctor’s office job. 

    Regardless of what career you pursue in the cannabis industry, the more knowledge you can seep up, the better. 

    2. Write about cannabis.

    What better way to learn about cannabis than writing about it? MedicateOH mentors new medical cannabis content writers and has a program to provide opportunities for paid writing jobs for its best contributors. They also work closely with community groups and advocates to help spread their messages to a larger audience. 

    Many cannabis industry advocates struggle to have their voices heard on Facebook due to its restrictions on drug content, so MedicateOH serves to amplify them. To join the MedicateOH new writers’ program, email

    3. Donate or volunteer your time/talents to serve the cannabis community. 

    Several non-profit organizations have formed to address the social issues surrounding cannabis. In 2019, the Columbus Dispatch covered a few of the many organizations that had then been formed to support Ohio’s medical marijuana patients, help them with costs, and keep them properly informed about developments in the fledgling industry. In addition to MedicateOH, Ohio-based 501(c)(3) organizations that cannabis patients might consider donating to and/or volunteer their time/talents to include Cannabis Can, Autism Alliance of Ohio, or Compassionate Alternatives. You might also volunteer your time to collect signatures to support local or state ballot initiatives or decriminalization efforts such as NORML Appalachia of Ohio or Sensible Decrim Ohio

    Why Expressing Gratitude May Lead to Better Health 

    Studies show that being in the mindset of gratitude is better for your health, happiness, and even your relationships. In psychology, the law of attraction states that if you think negatively, you attract more negativity. If you focus on being thankful instead, you’ll naturally draw more favorable people, opportunities, and positive experiences toward you. Cannabis may also help you to develop spiritual healing.

    To get involved with any of the organizations listed here, please reach out directly or send us a message to to inquire further.


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