Milford, Ohio medical marijuana patients may have taken note of the new Uplift dispensary at 401 Rivers Edge Dr. With its commitment to customer satisfaction, Uplift Milford offers short wait times, accessories that you can pick up at-cost, and the exclusive rewards program, Spendr. Learn more how Uplift is elevating the patient experience for medical marijuana patients in Milford and surrounding areas.

The Uplift Milford Experience

The Ohio-owned and operated chain also recently built the first dispensary in Mt. Orab and strives to meet and exceed patients’ needs at both locations, serving Clermont and Brown counties. Milford Uplift’s Assistant General Manager Breanna Hagans says, “Our staff is very personable to each patient. They really care about what that patient is going through. They’re very receptive and they always just want to find the proper product that’s really going to help people and I really feel like that’s what makes us stand out.” 

Hagans said patient feedback has been really positive. “They love how educated our budtenders are. They’ve loved our prices and sales. A lot of people are really big fans of the 30 percent veteran, industry, and indigent discount and I hear about that quite frequently.” 

Wide MMJ Product Selection at Uplift Milford

Brittany Stanford, who’s in charge of inventory for the Milford store, said, “We have a ton of products to choose from. We have a vast selection. We always have new products coming in. We have everything from topicals, tinctures, edibles, flower, and more. We have tons of cultivators to choose from. Different varieties of the same product to choose from. We have both low dose and high dose gummies and lots of other edibles. We also have a wide range of THC potencies for our flower, and a variety of concentrates to choose from.”

Stanford noted certain products were ordered to keep specific patients in mind, including a topical product formulated for miigraine sufferers. She also said that one popular product for patients, cannabis-infused honey, has been stocked in a wide variety of flavors from various Ohio companies, including a Madagascar Vanilla Honey and Coffee Honey from Cokoh, Lighthouse Sciences 1:1 Lemon Honey, and Ancient Roots Salted Caramel Honey.

Short Wait Times for Enhanced Convenience

One of the primary concerns for medical marijuana patients is the time spent waiting at dispensaries. However, Milford’s newest dispensary Uplift has prioritized efficiency and convenience. By leveraging streamlined processes, more checkout registers, and employing a knowledgeable staff of budtenders, they ensure that patients spend less time waiting and more time focusing on their well-being. 

With a strong commitment to exceptional customer service, Uplift Milford aims to provide a stress-free experience for patients seeking relief from their medical conditions. “The patients have said they love our wait time. They can just get in and out really fast.” Hagans said. Ample parking at the dispensary also makes coming to get your cannabis medicine at Uplift a breeze. 

Another concern that patients have is when sales cause a backup of patients waiting, but Hagans says they strive to keep waits short even on incentive days. “We just had a 40% off sale this Friday. We saw over 700 patients. Patients’ wait time was still less than 10 minutes.”

At-Cost Accessories for Affordability

Understanding the importance of affordability in the medical marijuana community, Uplift Milford goes above and beyond by offering a wide selection of accessories for using your medical cannabis without paying retail prices. From vaporizers, to batteries, to grinders, patients can find everything they need to enhance their medical marijuana experience at lower prices. By eliminating the traditional markup on accessories, this dispensary aims to make these essential items more accessible to all patients. With a focus on value and quality, patients can rest assured that they are receiving the best products at the fairest prices. Hagans said that the discount can help patients purchase and use these accessories properly; aiding in medicating more effectively. 

Spendr Rewards: Loyalty Rewarded 

Recognizing the loyalty of its customers, Uplift is among the dozens of Ohio dispensaries now offering the exclusive mobile payment and rewards program called Spendr. With each purchase, patients earn points that can be redeemed for discounts. Spendr allows patients to enjoy even greater value for their medical marijuana purchases and encourages them to continue prioritizing their health and well-being through their incentives. Learn more about Spendr in our MedicateOH story. 

Patients who visit Uplift Milford may also pay with cash, an ATM is available onsite. 

Supporting the Local Community 

Beyond providing exceptional services to patients, Uplift Milford, Ohio is committed to giving back to the community. They actively support local initiatives and organizations, recognizing the importance of community involvement. They strive to promote the benefits of medical marijuana while making an impact in Milford, Clermont County and surrounding areas. As a responsible and compassionate establishment, Uplift prioritizes the well-being of their patients and the betterment of the community as a whole.

MedicateOH Partnership

Patients who visit Milford Uplift during the month of August can donate to MedicateOH at dispensary registers to help us continue to do the journalism and advocacy work we do for Ohioans who use cannabis as medicine. Stop in and meet the MedicateOH team on Monday, August 7th, 12-4 p.m. 

Learn more about Milford Uplift and order online at their Dutchie-powered menu at



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