One company making a splash in the emerging world of solventless live rosin is Ohio’s Ancient Roots. A Level 2 medical marijuana cultivator based in Wilmington, Ancient Roots specializes in producing craft cannabis flower and concentrates for patients across the Buckeye state. Their latest offering, 10 mg and 20 mg gummies in three flavors, will add to their line of solventless medical marijuana products.

Live Resin Versus Live Rosin

Ancient Roots specializes in producing live rosin. Live resin and live rosin products have become a popular way to consume cannabis in recent years. You may be asking, “What’s the difference?” 

Live resin and rosin are made in two very distinct ways: live resin uses solvents as an extraction technique whereas rosin uses just heat and pressure, no solvents. Solventless live rosin has gained attention from the medical cannabis community in recent years due to its potency and purity. Unlike other concentrates that use solvents like butane or ethanol to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, solventless extraction is different. The solventless process preserves the natural terpenes and flavonoids of the cannabis plant while also producing a high concentration of cannabinoids.

Solventless Live Rosin: The Process

The process of making solventless live rosin begins with the highest-quality cannabis flower like the strains they produce at Ancient Roots. Strains are carefully selected based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles to ensure the most flavorful and potent final product. It’s grown in coco coir, a soil-less growing medium composed of ground-up coconut husks. The flower is then harvested. It’s frozen immediately after harvest to preserve its freshness and prevent degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Once the flower is frozen, it’s agitated in an ice water bath. Then the trichomes are collected and freeze dried to make ice water hash. The ice water hash is then placed into a specialized press that uses heat and pressure to extract the rosin from the plant material. The press is designed to apply just the right amount of heat and pressure to maximize the yield of rosin without degrading the quality of the final product.


The rosin that is extracted from the plant material is then collected and further processed to remove any impurities. The final product is a highly potent and flavorful concentrate that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Solventless live rosin can be sold as a concentrate or used to make edibles or other infused products. At Ancient Roots, live rosin is used for lots of different products including cold-cure badder, a disposable live rosin pod vape pen, full-spectrum creamed honey, as well as their latest offering, three flavors of gummies.

Distillate Versus Live Rosin

In some cannabis facilities, processed products are composed of distillate of trim (the “remnants” of the plant). Only 100 percent solventless live rosin goes in Ancient Roots’ gummies. There is a lot of debate in cannabis science as to whether extraction solvents are harmful to one’s health. When properly extracted, data isn’t available to know how harmful residual butane from live resin might be. Ancient Roots owner David Haley doesn’t want to take that chance with the health of Ohio patients, which is why he chooses solventless extraction over butane or ethanol. “I don’t know that it’s harmful and I don’t know that it’s safe. And no one really knows.” 

Distillate gummies and similar products tend to be priced lower than live rosin gummies at dispensaries since the process uses lower-quality parts of the flower. Haley notes that because of this, a full-spectrum live rosin product might cause patients to experience a different, more medicinally satisfying effect than compared with a distillate product. “I think as more patients experience a full spectrum product, and once they understand the differences between taking something that has just THC in it as opposed to the full spectrum, they’ll understand the difference, because it is night and day.”

Solventless Live Rosin Gummies in Three Flavors

Ancient Roots Gummies come in three flavors: Ruby Hibiscus, Fuji Apple, and Lemon Ginger. Processed using 100 percent full-spectrum live rosin. The gummies come in 100 mg and 200 mg of THC per pack (10 mg or 20 mg per piece). They can have a stronger effect than other gummies on the market due to the full-spectrum nature of the product.

Where to Buy

Patients can locate Ancient Roots Live Rosin Gummies in Ohio dispensaries by using Jane or checking the latest drops at

MedicateOH Partnership

MedicateOH will be onsite at Backroad Wellness in Cambridge on Wednesday, May 24th, 12-3 p.m. to talk to patients about the journalism and advocacy work that we do. Ancient Roots will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of Solventless Live Rosin Gummies on this day to Community Shares of Mid Ohio, the fiscal sponsor of MedicateOH. Stop out and see us! 



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