“Wake-y Bakery”: Beneleaves White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Chews

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Beneleaves White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Chews

Photo by Robert Jakubiak, Novice Perspective Photography

One of my favorite things about going to the dispensary is trying new products. Looking over the menu, the white chocolate cherry oatmeal chews by Beneleaves piqued my interest. I couldn’t resist the compulsion. Here’s what the package looked like:

White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Chews – front of package

First Impressions

These are bigger than what I expected. The two of them together make up the size of a breakfast bar. I was happy to find out each chew contains 50 mg of THC. Each chew is square, and topped with dried cherries with a white chocolate candy piece. Other than “THC” being printed on the candy pieces, these look like your average grain bar.

There is hardly any noticeable “marijuana flavor” to these. It tastes like a basic breakfast bar with dried fruits. Nothing great, but enjoyable with my morning coffee.

So this brings me to my only problem with this product. Nowhere on the package does it state if it’s a sativa, indica, or a hybrid. I can only presume since it looks like breakfast that it won’t knock me out. 

Here’s the nutrition facts label in case you want to try these out yourself. If you have additional questions about this product, talk to your dispensary budtender or reach out to the processor, Beneleaves, via their website.

White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Chews – Back of package

White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Chews: Robert’s Results

This product left me mildly medicated throughout my whole day. My thoughts were clear, I was happy, no stress, and energetic. My “buzz” lasted 8 plus hours before feeling any crash. The effects were pleasant, but a little weak for me.

I really enjoyed the white chocolate cherry oatmeal chews! I recommend it for daytime use, kind of like a “Wake-y Bakery”!

One caveat: Just keep in mind that I am a forty-plus year user so my tolerance may differ from yours!


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