Sarah is an Ohio medical marijuana patient, cannabis educator, and product reviewer residing in the Columbus area. In her first review for MedicateOH, we find out what she thought about Triangle Kush by Calyx Peak, a medical marijuana flower product she purchased at Ohio Provisions in Carroll late last month.


The packaging alone was incredible because it was a 2.83 gram, clear glass container with a black, child-proof lid. The child-proof lid was not difficult to open at all as you just pushed down and twisted it.

I personally really like the idea of more cultivators going towards clear containers just so patients can see the product they’re actually receiving, not just going off of how the flower in the smell jar appears. The label on the front was white and said “Josh D” in a cursive font and lists that it is a cannabis flower product with the weight and product name (Triangle Kush) on it.

The front label was very easy to read; however, the back label was a little bit more difficult because it was smaller font. The back label broke down the necessary information such as total THC, THCA, THC, CBDA, CBD, the weight, the expiration date, and the packaged date. I also like the fact that they have an email listed for feedback on their product.

Opening the Container:

When I opened the jar there were three medium sized buds inside with a tiny amount of shake at the bottom. The flower itself was a nice, green color with little orange specks on it. It was covered in an even layer of trichomes that made the flower look like it was covered in bright crystals.

The aroma of the flower was pretty strong and smelled very earthy and had hints of a pine smell. I was overall very pleased by the appearance and the aroma of the flower.

How it Worked for Me:

Upon grinding up the flower and consuming it, I had a feeling of euphoria, which is a big plus for me because aside from my qualifying condition I battle Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I was overall very happy within a half hour of consumption. With my qualifying condition, I had been experiencing a lot of nausea and chronic pain in my abdomen throughout the day while I was at work. After trying the Triangle Kush out, within twenty minutes my nausea and pain went away and I was able to eat without feeling like I was going to get sick for the first time all day.

Be warned though, this is not a strain to use during the day if you’re looking for energy! Within an hour and a half I began to feel myself mellowing out and was ready to head to bed. There will be times regularly that I will wake up at night with pain, but this strain helped me sleep through the night amazingly.

Aside from the way I felt, the taste of the flower matched the aroma very well and followed with the earthy vibe, as well as I picked up hints of lemon as well. Overall, Triangle Kush by Calyx Peak is great if you’re looking for pain, insomnia, and nausea relief, as well as a great mental health booster!

Sarah is a cannabis activist and educator living in Columbus, Ohio. She uses medical marijuana legally to treat her chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety disorder.