For our June Cannabis Horoscope, we move into Gemini season, a sign that likes to try different approaches. What new approaches might you take to mindfulness & medicating this month as new Ohio cannabis products come to your dispensary?

Gemini Season

It’s Gemini season and the planet of communication quickens its pace this month. After 10 weeks in Taurus, Mercury will ingress into two signs in just two weeks. Outer (or social) planets Saturn and Neptune both Retrograde in the sign of Mutable Water Pisces, backtracking all progress to be revisited later. The Mutable and Cardinal signs will be most notably impacted.


The first aspect of the month takes place June 3rd when the Moon moves into Sagittarius creating a Full Moon with the Sun in Gemini. With the Moon in Sagittarius, we become inquisitive around our emotional processes. Since Full Moons mark a time of releasing, we align with a detoxifying spirit rather than a manifesting one. I often suggest to my clients to take salty baths (with CBD-infused Epsom bath salts) when they need to practice a little spiritual hygiene.

Around midnight on June 18th, we have a New Moon in Gemini taking place at 26 degrees. This New Moon will form a Square to Neptune at 27° Pisces. During a New Moon, a lunar cycle starts anew. Astrologically, this aligns with the start of a cycle and something new. Since Neptune is involved in a challenging aspect, expect a heightened sense of illusion. This combination of energies is fantastic for writing, singing, and painting, but may not be as auspicious for creating long-term, high-responsibility plans with intricate detail.

In Medical Astrology, Gemini rules over the shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and fingers. But it also rules over the upper lobes of the lungs and tubing of the lungs, as well as capillaries. A Mutable sign, Gemini likes to try different approaches.

New Products to Explore: Full Spectrum Gummies

This could be the perfect time to give your lungs a break and explore new-to-the-market edibles like Ancient Roots Solventless Live Rosin Gummies. Using their own craft flower, these have a full spectrum cannabinoid experience. Since I reach for a lot of CBG to help with migraines, I appreciated seeing that and CBC highlighted on the packaging.

Sagittarius, the opposite and sibling sign to Gemini, rules the liver and muscles of the hips, thighs, and glutes as well as the sacral nerves and left hemisphere of the brain. Topicals are an excellent alternative to vapes and edibles for soothing sore muscles.

Reach for the Aura Tea Tree Eucalyptus Topical Cream (Hundred Percent Labs) in a 4CBD:1THC:1CBG:1CBN ratio. Supplement your analytical left brain this month with Lion’s Mane mushroom. Research out of The University of Queensland shows active compounds in Lion’s Mane mushroom promotes neurogenesis (forming new neurons) and enhance memory. I am a huge fan of Guided by Mushrooms based in Dayton who supply nearby restaurants with delicious gourmet mushrooms, and also sell potent tinctures and shroom powders online.


On June 11th, Mercury ingresses into its home-sign of Gemini after a long haul in Taurus. Typically, Mercury only spends 2-3 weeks in one sign. However, Retrogrades alternate the schedule and we end up in stretches like these now and again. With Mercury in Gemini, things start to feel like they are moving fast. Especially when it comes to plans, conversations, meeting people, and getting tasks accomplished. Things may be piling up, but the support is there for you to keep tackling the errands and emails (both very Mercurial).

With such stimulating Mercurial energy thanks to Gemini, it may be beneficial to seek out nervous system-soothing solutions. Look for products with the terpene Caryophyllene, known for it’s anxiety-subsiding properties. It’s unlike any other terpene due to its ability to directly activate a cannabinoid receptor, especially CB2 receptors. This is key for inflammation relief.

Riviera Creek’s Stambaugh Garlic Cookies Ice Hash features Caryophyllene as well as Limonene, another stress-reliving terpene. It also contains a unique terpene called Sabinene, said to warm you from the inside out, with added benefits of antibacterial properties.

Hot & Wet

According to the book Body Astrology by Claire Gallagher, Gemini (and all Air Signs) are combined of Hot and Wet qualities. The heat can speed things up, but also agitate. Wetness relaxes but can also make the body vulnerable. Thus, Sabiene is the perfect Gemini terpene.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, bringing with it the first *real* taste of summer. Just 5 days later, Mercury moves on to the sign of Cancer on June 26th, making its stay in Gemini a rather brief stint. With both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, we may feel more empathic with others and enjoy time with our loved ones. Sharing your culture, traditions, and listening to stories of your family may bring a special source of comfort and also inspiration at this time.


We refer to the planets beyond earth in their distance from the sun as the social or outer planets. On a longer journey than those of Mercury or Venus, their transits through a sign last a while and typically bring with them generational impacts or causes for change. This month, two very different planets – Saturn and Neptune – station Retrograde in the same zodiac sign.

On June 17th, Saturn begins its Retorgrade in the sign of Pisces. On the last day of the month, joins the Piscean Retrograde. Saturn spends approximately 2 to 3 years in one zodiac sign, often completing a couple Retrograde cycles. Its Retrograde lasts about 4.5 months.

Saturn’s first Retrograde in Pisces since 1993

This will be the first Retrograde cycle since Saturn ingressed into Pisces on March 7th. It is also the first time Saturn has had a Retrograde cycle in the sign of Pisces since June 10, 1993. Since Saturn governs maturation and Retrogrades put us in editing mode, this would be a useful time to revisit your restrictions, methods, and commitments. What needs to change, what must evolve? Pisces is effective in blurring boundaries, so watch out for vagueness and passivity.

Neptune spends far more time, about 14 years, in one sign and Retrogrades once each year. Last year, the Piscaen Neptune Retrograde took place from June 28th at 25° to December 3rd, going back only to the 22nd degree. Nearly seven months later, this upcoming Neptune Retrograde takes place at the 27° of Pisces. Even still, we won’t see Neptune go past 29° and enter a new zodiac (which will be Aries) until 2025.

A position to fix, to change, to improve

What does it mean to see such different archetypes on a similar journey in the same sign? Many of us have lives to live, after all. The astrology of this time shows us that we’re in a position to fix, to change, to improve. Retrogrades are not just about giong “backwards” but also about going within, finding overlooked mistakes, and taking accountability for falling short. Just the same, you may discover new approaches to old solutions with even more useful results.

Since this is a bit of a vibe killer to the stimulating Gemini, mood-elevating medicines will be most useful to round out your month. Levia’s Achieve Tincture features energizing terpenes Limonene and Terpinoline. This is a unique water soluble tincture. Unlike lipophilic tinctures which need an oil to dissolve and are taking sublingually, this easily mixes into beverages.


The final noteworthy ingress of this month is Venus moving into the sign of Leo. Venus was last in the sign of Fixed Fire Leo late last summer, visiting this domain a little earlier this year.

In late July, the planet of love, money, and values will Retrograde in Leo, lengthening its stay until the first week of October. What’s most relevant now is to take note (by journaling especially!) of what’s coming up for you around Venusian archetypes: events, arguments, and opportunities. Our new MedicateOH Mental Health Mondays series provides some specific ways to explore journaling with writing prompts.

Revising and Returning

Since we’ll be “revising” and “returning” to these same degrees of Leo in Venus later down the road, any progress made now could become undone and redone before we are truly past them. Since Venus has the associations to Libra, and therefore justice and the law, it’s very important (now and always) to note what advancements are occurring in our legislature.

Under the confusing guise of Saturn and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, passionate displays of values (Venus in Leo) may not be all that they seem. As Adam Grant once tweeted, “The loudest voices rarely represent the majority. They’re usually speaking for the extremes.”

Keep your eyes this month on ways to advocate for your causes. A special August election for a proposed 60% supermajority amendment to the Ohio constitution could adversely affect citizens’ rights to have their voices heard. Make sure your vote is counted.

In cannabis legislation, Ohio Senate Bill 9 to improve the medical marijuana program still hangs in the legislature as opportunities also arise to sign a petition for adult use (recreational) legalization efforts via ballot measure. If all that weren’t enough to digest, representatives introduced House Bill 168 earlier this month, a new bipartisan bill to legalize cannabis for all adults in Ohio. With all these possibilities swirling about in the air, the time to speak up and take action is now.

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Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH provides these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


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