July’s Ohio Cannabis horoscope and astrology report shows forward motion from personal planets Mars and Mercury, juxtaposing Retrogrades from outer planets Saturn and Pluto. Here’s what Alex says to look for as the planets collide with our energies this month:

Midpoint of the Year

The first full month of summer has arrived! In fact, we are now beyond the midpoint of the year. This month’s astrology report shows forward motion from personal planets Mars and Mercury, juxtaposing Retrogrades from outer planets Saturn and Pluto.


Just like last month, the first Full Moon occurring in July happens on the 3rd. The Moon in Capricorn is positioned in exact opposition with the Sun in Cancer at 11 degrees. Placements of Cardinal, Earth, and Water signs around 11 degrees will feel this most directly.

When we experience a Full Moon in Capricorn, a fight between the needs of others and oneself can occur. Both Cancer and Capricorn deal heavily with the idea of security and safety. Cancer has the instinct to care for and nurture others, while Capricorn’s practicality reserves its resources. This dynamic reminds me of a piece of advice I often give my clients and it is this: You cannot pour from an empty cup. You must only fill others’ cups if yours is overflowing.

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New Moon in Cancer

Mid-month on July 17th, we have a New Moon in Cancer. With both the Sun and Moon in alignment in the same zodiac sign, the archetypes become more invigorated. On this day (especially if you have Cardinal or Water placements around 24 degrees) you could feel especially generous with your love and sentiments, but you may also require your own needs be met. Though Cancer energy is naturally caring, it also does require a lot of affection in return.

A new sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that Standard Wellness just introduced for Ohio patients might be helpful for keeping up your energy during this time. Strawberry Bubbles mixes Strawberry Guava and Mimosa. It’s a summertime strain with notes of berry, lemonade, and sour candy.


No Mercury Retrograde this month means the planet of communication and wit progresses forward to two different signs this month. First, Mercury moves into Leo on July 11th. Leading up to this date and for a few days following this date, Pluto forms an Opposition to Mercury. This is an expansive time to develop references, communication skills, and mindfulness. With Mercury energized by the planet of taboos, we may find our curiosities satisfied only by shocking topics.

If you find yourself particularly interested in deepening your studies at this time, consider support from terpenes like Pinene. Pinene has been recognized as a powerful memory and focus booster. 91 Royale from Butterfly Effect is a Sativa strain derived from Lemon Royale 3 x White 91. Its citrusy, earthy aroma awakens the mind and body. For those looking for non-smoking solutions, Lighthouse Sciences 1:1 Bright Lemon Honey is one to try. Perfect in a mug of warm herbal tea, you’ll taste real Lavender, Lemon, and Mint with no artificial flavors. The Ohio-sourced honey comes from a professor and apiarist at OSU.

For when you need to get some deep sleep this month to recharge, a new indica-dominant strain that’s just hit Ohio dispensaries is Appalachian Pharm’s Honey Bean. This myrcene, caryophelene, and limonene-heavy strain has sweet vanilla flavors with slight berry nuances.

Mercury Moving into Virgo

On July 28, Mercury moves into the sign of Virgo. Virgo is one of the co-rulers of Mercury, supporting the quick-moving planet with fellow Mutable sign Gemini. With Mercury in the sign of Virgo, organization (or the need for it) becomes paramount. If you’ve been putting off filing paperwork or arranging your home office, this could be the stimulating energy you’ve been needing. If this doesn’t apply to you, consider some brain exercises like trivia and puzzles.

As an Earth Sign, Virgo is aware of its resources and pays close attention to details. As time goes on, Mercury’s transit through Virgo will become even more mentally stimulating. If you’re finding yourself up at night, overthinking (a true Virgo archetype), or feeling more anxious than usual, this is a great time to welcome Farnesene into your life. 

The terpene Farnesene does it all: relaxes muscles, calms nerves, and is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. Certified Cultivators’ Island Chill strain (also available in a Live Badder) features a potent blend of relaxing terpenes including Farnesene.


A major astrology headline for this month is the Venus Retrograde in the sign of Fixed Fire sign Leo. Even though Venus retrogrades about every 18 months, returning to the same Zodiac sign every eight years. This means Venus was in Retrograde in the sign of Leo eight years ago. If, like me, you’re an avid journalkeeper, use this time to reflect on your life back in 2015.

Venus Retrograde functions as a “second chance” to get things right. Venus Retrograde will activate differently for everyone based on their birth chart. Look for which House Leo rules in your own birth chart to get some insight into which area of life is being initiated.

Generally speaking, Venus in Leo is a playful time for art, love, and music. The fire of the Sun emboldens the planet of love, money, and values. Consider these themes during this Venusian transit.

Pluto, Power Dynamics

Due to its loose Opposition to Pluto, this Venus Retrograde could feel a little overwhelming as it starts to unfold. Pluto represents power dynamics, and Venus represents our values. I’d be remiss to note that astrology doesn’t just impact us as individuals, but also the collective. Paying attention to legal news throughout this Venus Retrograde could be as staggering as it is useful.

Expect the unexpected this Venus Retrograde. Former lovers and friends may wander back into your life. You may pick up an album you haven’t listened to in years with new fascination.

Whatever it is that finds its way back to you during this Venus Retrograde, stay curious as well as pragmatic during this transit. Retrogrades often bring with them familiar experiences and opportunities for lessons. The idea is to use your wisdom to not repeat the same lessons over. If you find yourself on a repetitive mission, do your best to approach things differently than before.

Those looking for additional astrological guidance may book a reading with Alex at https://www.theperryroseacademy.com/


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