What products does our astrology expert Alex recommend in her August forecast to be in tune with the planets this Leo season? Find out in this month’s Ohio Cannabis Horoscope:

What Does August Have in Store for the Collective?

We start and end this month with Full Moons, Mercury’s Retrograde, and only one planet – other than the Sun and Moon – ingresses into a new zodiac sign.


On August 1st, the Moon in the sign of Aquarius moves into exact Opposition with the Sun in Leo. When the two luminaries form this astrological face-off, it’s always on the axis of two “sibling” signs. Essentially, these are two zodiac signs positioned 180° apart.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign representing inventiveness, humanitarianism, AI and technology, human rights, genius, individual freedoms, and societal idealism. Its sibling sign Leo possesses similar strengths such as self-expression, pleasure, creativity, and passion. When these archetypes come together, we may feel compelled to act on our feelings.

In Body Astrology by Claire Gallagher, she explains that oxygenation of the blood and body falls under Aquarius’s rule. As an Air Sign, it’s unsurprising to hear that breathing has a place here. However, it’s so often that simple things like clean air and deep breaths get taken for granted. During the Full Moon in Aquarius, refresh your space by changing old air filters, sweeping away dust, and cleaning out inhalation devices. (Note: refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.)

Refreshing spaces can be invigorating! Ohio is adding more than 70 new dispensaries across the state, many with brand new, beautifully decorated, expansive spaces for perusing menus and absorbing all the cannabinoid knowledge your budtender has to offer. Instead of your weekly routine to pick up your cannabis medicine at the same store, consider switching things up to try a new spot, like one of the newly-opened Shangri-La Dispensaries in Monroe.

Aquarius Governs the Energy Body

Aquarius, along with Pisces, (the Full Moon taking place August 30th) governs the energy body. Think of this as the “vibes” that each of us carries. We sense other people and they too sense us; attitude, posture, etc. Under this Full Moon, meditate on the spiritual weight you’ve been carrying, and how you may begin to release and let go of these energetic trappings. 

During the Pisces Full Moon at the end of the month, the Moon aligns with the freshly-ingressed Virgo Sun. The Sun moves into the space of Mutable Earth on August 23rd. This Full Moon occurs in Conjunction with Saturn in Pisces, stationed in Retrograde at this time. Saturn-Moon aspects like these tend to be trying thanks to Saturn’s rule of boundaries and maturity. But keep in mind how often we look back on experiences and see how unavoidable our lessons truly are.

Pisces rules the dream realm and sleep; this can manifest in either sleeping for hours or insomnia. Cannabinol (CBN) has been recognized as a useful cannabinoid for treating insomnia in patients with PTSD and chronic pain. Fortunately, there are tons of options in Ohio dispensaries. I enjoy edibles most in the evening, and AURA’s Vanilla Shake Gummies feature an entourage of cannabinoids including CBN and CBG for optimum relaxation. Klutch Cannabis’s Ice Cream Cake Flower is another favorite for night-time medicating.


As some readers may recall from past horoscope articles, all of the Mercury Retrograde transits in 2023 will occur in Earth Signs. On August 23, Mercury stations Retrograde in Virgo. I find it curiously synchronistic that this Mercury Retrograde takes place in one of the planet’s ruling signs (Virgo and Gemini both claim Mercury) on the same day the Sun ingresses into Virgo.

What could these themes be bringing up at this time? Despite being an Earth Sign which many would deem “grounded,” Virgo tends to be caught up in processing more than presence. This goes for the zodiac sign’s energy, not necessarily Virgo Sun people. When Mercury Retrogrades, we’re meant to revisit, rework, re-calibrate, and re-establish communicative areas of our life. Siblings, best friends, and community may be relevant during this time.

This transit and the Pisces Full Moon overlap, so it’s worth bringing consciousness to your mundane tasks and chores during this time. This is because Virgo has associations with the Sixth House which governs things like doctor visits, diets, and cleaning schedules. Should something be revealed to you at this time, it’s likely to come through dreams or diagnoses.

Checking in on things around the house may also provide a good opportunity to double check the expiration dates on items up for renewal, such as your drivers’ license or medical marijuana card.

Stellium in Virgo

A third planet, Mars, will also be present in Virgo as it spends its last days transiting before ingressing into Libra on August 27th. Other than the Sun and Moon (which move the fastest) this is the only planet that changes signs this month. Though short-lived, this Stellium in Virgo will feel significant for those with corresponding placements in their own birth charts.

Virgo’s astrological anatomy includes the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). We know the SNS system more commonly as our “flight or fight” response. If you find your nervous system overstimulated during this time, turn to soothing terpenes like beta-caryophyllene (anti-inflammatory), Myrcene (anti-insomnia), and Linalool (anxiety-reducing). 

Virgo needs a does-it-all strain, and the Blueberry Vintage flower from Butterfly Effect delivers. Dominant in Mycerene, this strain has been said to promote sleepiness, digestion, and stress relief. Don’t overlook lower THC strains like this one, which can deliver great results.


We can’t let leading headlines like Full Moons and Mercury Retrogrades distract from two other noteworthy astrological events this month. Mars moves into the Cardinal Air sign Libra, the sibling sign of its natural ruler Aries. Many astrologers consider Mars in Libra to be a weak placement for this reason. Mars, which guides our assertion and action, has a soft and considerate approach in Libra. Mars (the God of War) isn’t known for its diplomacy.

Look to which House and any planets you have in the sign of Libra. As Mars travels through the constellation, you may find a “boost” of energy. Ending the summer with a bit of fun, pleasure, and passion may be what you, dear reader, have been asking for.

On August 16th, we get a New Moon in Leo at 23° which signifies “to cut.” New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon align at the same degree in the same sign. These are times to manifest, create, set intentions, visualize, and dream board. Keep attentive to the surrounding astrology, particularly the Retrograde planets and Full Moons. The interplay of celestial complexities mirrors those within us as individuals and within the collective.

Those looking for additional astrological guidance may book a reading with Alex at https://www.theperryroseacademy.com/


Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH provides these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.



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