Green Releaf Dispensary at 3620 Germantown St. in Dayton recently opened its doors to Ohio medical marijuana patients. The new pharmacist–led, minority–owned dispensary will be the first in Ohio for the Missouri-based chain. The operators look forward to making an impact in the Dayton community by providing daily low prices on medicinal cannabis products and proper counseling on its usage.

Green Releaf Dispensaries: From Missouri to Ohio 

Green Releaf’s founder Jay Patel was a University of Missouri graduate who had a personal passion and respect for the ancient healing cannabis plant. Since his first application, Jay has expanded Green Releaf to seven Missouri dispensaries and today staffs over 70 percent of the company’s workforce from local municipalities. 

Sanjay Patel, Jay’s cousin, applied for a dispensary through Ohio’s lottery-style process initiated in 2021. As a Kroger pharmacist living in the Beavercreek area, Sanjay says he got lucky to win the bid, just as his cousin Jay did when he earned the first license in Missouri. “We got lucky twice, one, to get the license and secondly, to get one in Dayton.” 

Construction: A Piece of West Dayton’s Revitalization

About $75 million in local, state and federal funds helped flip homes and eliminate blight spurring the first sparks of reinvestment in West Dayton in 2022. For Patel, that meant starting from scratch at the West Dayton property they acquired, a long-abandoned structure at 3620 Germantown St. that used to house the Germantown Carryout. 

Sanjay says they approached the construction with patients in mind. “We build stone structures. This one we had to build from the ground up. So we were able to do everything that we liked.” 

Inside the dispensary, Sanjay says an open floor plan serves as a welcome change from the typical pharmacy layout where bulletproof glass separates the employee from the patient. Creating this kind of one-on-one experience was important when designing Green Releaf Dispensary. 

Unfortunately, the city wouldn’t permit a drive thru at this location. Sanjay says they are working so that patients who require it will soon be able to enjoy curbside service. 

Serving Dayton’s Patient Community

The opening of Green Releaf Dispensary is good news for patients in Dayton seeking reliable and trustworthy sources for their medical marijuana needs. Because it’s staffed by experienced and knowledgeable pharmacists, patients who choose Green Releaf can expect to receive personalized guidance and support. Patel explains that patients can come in with their list of other prescriptions that they take and feel confident knowing that the pharmacist will safely incorporate the appropriate cannabis products into their current overall medication plan. 

Patients who visit the dispensary will be able to take advantage of the excellent deals that are on offer. Sanjay says that he really wants to help patients at Green Releaf dispensary to learn about the products and answer questions that they have about them. 

Prices are an important part of the patient experience. Sanjay says they are working with partners to keep prices low. Green Leaf’s daily special offers select 2.83 g flower jars for just $18. But they also will coordinate more deals for patients as well as additional chances to speak directly with the products’ makers at the dispensary. “We’re trying to bring in different partners every day to have their products discounted. They will be able to teach or have patient education days for the patient.” 

Additional Incentive Details

  • BOGO 50% OFF (Mix & Match all products) – 04/21 to 04/30 (Excludes Items already on sale!)

While medical decisions should not be made based on sales or promotions, patients may find their regular products at a better price at Green Leaf Dispensary than where they shopped before. So it’s important for budget-minded patients to comparison-shop.

Paying for your medical marijuana at Green Releaf Dispensary can be done via cash or debit. They also plan to roll out Dutchie Pay soon as well as another debit option for patients. 

Green Releaf Dispensary is open Monday-Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm.

Getting in Touch

Menu and more info available at You can reach Green Releaf Dispensaries at or via phone at 1833-4MY-WEED.

MedicateOH Partnership 

Patients can donate all month long to MedicateOH at dispensary registers. The MedicateOH team will be in store at Green Releaf in Dayton on Friday April 28th from 11-2 p.m. to talk about the non-profit work we do and about our experiences as medical marijuana patients and caregivers. Come out and see us!



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