November notes Epilepsy Awareness Month, and cannabis can be a key part of some patients’ epilepsy treatment plan. Ohioan Tyler Baker reports that products such as high dose cannabidiol (CBD) gummies and tinctures contribute to managing epilepsy seizure-free.

Cannabis for Epilepsy: What Products Help the Most?

Not everyone with epilepsy responds to CBD as a treatment option, but patients like Tyler have reported beneficial effects and reduced seizure activity when using medical cannabis, especially products rich in CBD.

Here’s what Tyler thought about two recent offerings from Future Compounds (FC), a CBD gummy and a tincture:

All Vegan High Dose Gummies

FC recently added gummies that are vegan formulated to their lineup of products. I believe that FC knew this would be a great option to offer since more patients are becoming knowledgeable about cannabinoids along with being more health conscious about what goes into their body. This can make it tricky to find products that fulfill both these requirements.

The Ultra-Strength 3-COMP Gummies (3,000mg) are billed on Future Compounds’ website as the “Strongest and most pure Vegan Hemp Gummies on the market.” They come in packages of 30 gummies with each gummy offering 100 mg. These are just like the original gummies they sold, only a new flavor and vegan-approved.


Judging the Effects of the Gummies

The gummies came in a “Blueberry Slap” flavor that is made with pure sugar cane. When trying these out for the first time, I was amazed at how much it tasted like candy!

The gummies helped me with all day pain. I use the 50/50 blend with even amounts of CBD and CBG. These gummies enable me to stay motivated and pain-free throughout the day. I normally take it mid-day because my night time dose is 600 mg of the coconut oil so I try to space those apart evenly.

All of this does depend on my THC use, but as long as my consumption isn’t a lot then I can stay motivated. Most strains I use to accompany the gummies in my treatment plan are hybrids so I rarely grab a heavy sativa hybrid. I try to stick with hybrids and indica-leaning strains.

Packaging for the Gummies

The packaging for these gummies was a shiny gray/white color bag with the words “Future Compounds Ultra-Strength Gummies” written on the outside. In the top right hand corner, a graphic of a hand slapping a blueberry appears with the words “Blueberry Slap” alongside of it. On the back of the package there is a plethora of information including a QR code for test results, product description, grade, as well as the nutritional facts and ingredients.

FC Compounds High Dose CBD Tincture

FC also saw the need for a high dose tincture to be a part of their growing lineup of hemp-derived cannabis products. Offering an unheard of 25,000 mg per tincture, this products also comes in a CBD, 50/50, and 3COMP formulation. The tincture comes in two different flavors: “Pineapple Dream” and “Vanilla Caramel”. Each tincture has 120 full 1ml doses in a 4oz black glass bottle with a dropper that has marked doses on it. One full dropper is 1ml equal to 200mg dose.

It comes with 120 1ml servings which equals to roughly a 4-month supply in each tincture, depending on the user. It is always recommended to start with the smallest dose possible, then titrate up from there, especially for beginners.

High Dose Tincture: Judging the Effects

The taste of the pineapple dream was very subtle but satisfying. I almost thought it would be a sweeter type of pineapple flavor, but the tincture is made from hemp seed oil, so I think the combination was perfect. The vanilla caramel flavor is a sweet subtle vanilla cream that reminded me of a root beer float. The vanilla caramel is my favorite of the two, but I am very impressed with both flavors.

When comparing the tincture that is offered at FC to others in the industry, I found that the highest dose tinctures went up to 10,000mg per bottle. These bottles were ranging from 40ml to 120ml sized bottles. The 25,000mg bottle offered at FC is 120ml which is 2.5x stronger than anything else on the market.

There was one exception I found a 10,000mg tincture offered in a 30ml option. The downside to this product is that it costs more than the 25,000mg tincture, so this wouldn’t be cost effective as it would take 2.5 bottles to obtain the same amount of medicine.

Incorporating These Products into an Epilepsy Treatment Plan

Since I am already taking the 3COMP Coconut Oil, I am planning to continue to use that as my daily regimen. What makes it so attractive for me, is that it enables me to have easier access to my medicine on the go. When traveling with the coconut oil, I have found that it can be problematic to keep it at a stable consistency with the temperatures fluctuating. The consistency doesn’t change with the tincture. It’s more portable as well as eliminating the need for the teaspoon really makes it convenient.

FC continues to expand and add to their lineup. I talked with the CEO and the future is looking bright and more products will be available to patients as the company continues to grow!

My goal in sharing my experiences with cannabis as medicine for managing my epilepsy is to provide insight into navigating the conditions with alternative medicine. Learn more about the medical cannabis products that I’ve evaluated here.


Editor’s Note: Medicate OH reminds patients that your experience with any cannabis product may differ from our reviewer’s. These reviews are only a reflection of one patient’s experience and are not meant as guidance to treat any condition. We provide these reviews to help patients make decisions. We urge everyone to only use cannabis products in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations.


  • Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker is a medical cannabis patient in the state of Ohio and was the first to purchase in Lorain County. Tyler has been using cannabis since 2009 to treat epilepsy and has become an advocate for cannabis normalization since that time. He says: "My passion for cannabis is unshaken; I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their well-being."


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