The Cannabis Hub, powered by the Cleveland School of Cannabis, will host a Consumption Day event on Saturday, July 9th to connect legal cannabis oil vendors and licensees with patients and the public. The free celebration will focus specifically on all extracted cannabis consumption methods available outside of flower. Organizers offer the event as an opportunity for vendors to advertise and spread the word about their businesses.

What is “710” or Dab Day?

July 10th, “7/10” or Dab Day is a well-known holiday in the cannabis world. Turn “710” upside down, it spells OIL–a word that’s used to describe concentrated cannabis oil products such as dabs, badder, shatter, wax, resin, or rosin. The holiday occurs annually on July 10th, and gives those in this fast-paced industry a chance to focus on one product category in particular: cannabis oil products, including dabs and concentrates. 

What: Consumption Day Event, in honor of Dab Day 

When: Saturday, 07/09/22, 1 p.m. EST – 4 p.m. EST

Where: The Cannabis Hub, powered by the Cleveland School of Cannabis, 3700 Corporate Drive Columbus, Ohio 43231

What to Expect: Consumption of Delta-8, CBD, and Hemp via edibles or drinks will be allowed at this event, but no vaping, smoking, or THC products will be allowed. Each participant will receive a Cannabis Hub gift bag, with information about the Cannabis Hub and 1 can of Queen City Hemp seltzer. 


Noon – Lisa Zwirner, CSC – Concentrates 101

1pm – Lucas Gould, Spendr – How Spendr Works

2pm – Dr. Bridget Williams, Green Harvest Health – Dabbing with CBD

3pm – Robert Ryan, Queen City Hemp

Medical Cannabis Cards

Dr. Bridget Williams of Green Harvest Health will be on hand to provide medical cannabis cards for patients.Cost to the patient is TBD, but please expect an out of pocket cost. Those interested should bring the following documents: Medical Records stating diagnosis and treatments, Driver’s License or State ID, any SSID (Social Security Disability) Documents, and a list of current medications (name, dosage, prescriber).


Media and those interested in participating can connect with Sami Wallick at 614-259-3806 or



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