MedicateOH Writers’ Workshop graduate Andrea Chaillet wrote about her experience with a W*nder Fast Times CBD beverage she picked up at Ohio CBD Guy. Learn what she thought and how she made it into a refreshing summer mocktail using the company’s Instagram Dry January recipe:

About W*nder 

Tanisha Robinson

Tanisha Robinson says that “Cannabis beverages are going to be bigger than craft beer.” Her company, W*nder, is on a mission to make that statement come true through 4 CBD-infused naturally flavored sparkling beverages that each have a unique wellness purpose. W*nder also recommends what time of day to drink each variety. 

“Cannabis beverages are going to be bigger than craft beer.”

Tanisha Robinson, W*nder Founder

Description of W*nder’s Fast Times Beverage 

On 6/14/23, I purchased a can of Fast Times from Ohio CBD Guy (2817 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206) for $4.99. This product can also be purchased at for $20 for a 4-pack or $60 for a 12-pack. On 6/16/23 I consumed part of the can by itself and then used the rest in a mocktail recipe that W*nder promoted on their Instagram for Dry January.

Rating scale: 0-5

I rated the packaging, taste, desired effects, mocktail recipe, brand image, and drink overall on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the best. 

The purpose of Fast Times is to “sustain energy and focus”. W*nder recommends drinking this product in the afternoon for an energy boost to make it through the remaining part of the day. It is described as having a cucumber, lime, and mint flavor. On the W*ndr website they describe the purpose of each ingredient: cucumber for hydration, lime to strengthen immunity, mint to increase alertness, schisandra for increasing brain energy, and gotu kola for increasing cognitive function.

Fast Times CBD Packaging: 5/5

The Fast Times’ packaging is true to what W*nder advertises. The can is a tall, slim can similar to what most hard-seltzers are packaged in. The label is sleek, colorful, and eye-catching. It clearly lists the CBD content, flavors, and volume of the can on the front. The label also includes what supplements the drink is infused with, the nutrition label and ingredients list, and a QR code.

QR Code and Testing

I scanned the QR code and it brought me to W*nder’s information regarding third-party lab testing of their products. It lists what W*nder strives to measure in a test, as well as the ability to see the recent test results from Green Scientific Labs. With the CBD market being as saturated as it is and mostly unregulated, the transparency of lab tests is something I look for when selecting a product. Overall, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing and informative. 

W*nder Fast Times CBD Taste: 5/5

The main flavor profiles of Fast Times are supposed to be cucumber, lime, and mint. I tasted the mint first, then cucumber, and then lime. There was a slight tart spicy aftertaste, almost like ginger. This comes from the schisandra extract, as gotu kola is flavorless. The taste of the schisandra pairs well with the intended flavor profile and creates a tingling sensation on the tongue. The overall taste is on par with what W*nder claims it is supposed to be. The beverage is carbonated but not as carbonated as a typical sparkling water. The drink is appetizing by itself but it would also make a good mixer. However, I would not recommend it to someone who does not like citrus or spice. 

Desired Effects: 5/5

I waited until the afternoon, the recommended consumption time, to conduct my taste-test. I was feeling groggy prior to drinking Fast Times and I hadn’t consumed any caffeine beforehand. Like I mentioned earlier, the drink created a slight tingling sensation in my mouth, either from the supplement or the carbonation. This could have caused the increase in my alertness and the heightening of my senses.

Like I have noticed in the past with other CBD beverages, I experienced an increase in energy and I felt more focused. These effects were more sustainable than if I had drank coffee or an energy drink. I did not experience an energy crash like I would have had with caffeine either. My elevated energy and focus started to kick in as I sipped on Fast Times, even before I had finished the whole can. 

W*nder CBD offered this mocktail recipe on their Instagram page for those participating in Dry January.

W*nder Fast Times CBD Mocktail Recipe: 5/5 

The W*nder Fast Times CBD beverage mocktail consisted of Fast Times served over ice with a squeeze of lime juice and 1 oz of simple syrup. It was garnished with fresh jalapeno and cucumber. The recipe does not say how much Fast Times to use, so I measured with my heart. I enjoyed the simplicity of the ingredients and instructions. I didn’t need any special tools to create the mocktail, except for a knife and cutting board. The spiciness of the jalapeno paired well with the cucumber, lime, and mint flavors of Fast Times.

Based on the easiness of the recipe and the taste, I can see myself making this mocktail all summer long. I haven’t tried ranch water, but after looking at a recipe for it I can confidently say that this mocktail is a comparable, non-alcoholic version of it (if not better). W*nder did not list a name for this mocktail recipe but I think it should be called “CBD Ranch Water”. 

Where to Buy W*nder Fast Times CBD beverage

Pick up W*nder beverages in the Cincinnati area at Ohio CBD Guy‘s Woodburn and Montgomery stores, other health stores and CBD retailers. You can also buy directly online at



  • Andrea "Andie" Chaillet

    Andrea "Andie" Chaillet is a medical patient, an advocate, and an industry worker. When she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with her Bachelor of Science in environmental studies, she also received the Cannabis Studies Certificate and the Horticulture Certificate. Andie is also a contributing author for Courage in Cannabis Volume 2: The Triumphant Stories and a recipient of the 2021 Veriheal Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship Award.