Sarah is an Ohio medical marijuana patient, cannabis educator, and product reviewer residing in the Columbus area. In this week’s column, she analyzes Garlic Cookies, a high-THC strain of marijuana flower available for $45 from her local dispensary, Ohio Provisions.

This was my first time purchasing a product from Riviera Creek. This was
also my first strain that I’ve purchased from a dispensary that maxed out at
the legal amount of THC. Which is 35% in the state of Ohio. So I was very
excited to try this as I consider myself to have a higher tolerance to THC.


At first look at the package I was disappointed to see that it was in a bag. However, it was a much larger bag that I’ve seen before and had a child-proof seal. The bag itself was an iridescent color that had what looks like a blue and green wave going across it. At the top of the bag there is a label that says, “Indica No Pesticides” with the words “Stambaugh Cookies” below it. In the center on the package it says “Riviera Creek” with underneath it saying “Based on Science, Driven by Innovation.” At the bottom of the package there are symbols for: Air, Light, Water, and Nutrients.

Overall at first glance of the bag, I was not disappointed.

Opening the Container:

The bag also wasn’t too difficult to open as long as you know how the child-proof bags function. I was pleasantly surprised to notice none of the buds had been flattened from being in the bag. There were three larger, longer buds in the bag and one smaller one. The color was interesting as it appeared to have a light green color due to the amount of trichomes on the flower itself. There were also little tinges of an evergreen color, with little orange hairs throughout. 

The Aroma:

The aroma of the flower was very unique and holds pretty true to the name. When you smell it, it definitely has a slight garlic smell to it as well as pine. It also smelled a little bit spicy but not too overwhelming. 

How it Worked for Me:

I typically avoid sativas due to it triggering my anxiety, so this indica was amazing! However, if you don’t have a higher tolerance then this may not be the strain for you. After I consumed the product I felt a large sigh of relief with my pain and my anxiety. I had been experiencing a lot of back pain, nausea, and anxiety during the day but after vaping the flower I felt almost instant relief.

I had been avoiding eating out of fear of getting sick and I was finally able to eat with peace of mind! One thing I should note thought is with this being a very heavy indica, I wouldn’t personally consume it during the day. I did, and I was very sleepy for a couple hours which I didn’t mind because my anxiety was finally at rest. If you’re looking for a great, high THC indica, Garlic Cookies should be one of your first choices!

Sarah is a cannabis activist and educator living in Columbus, Ohio. She uses medical marijuana legally to treat her chronic pain, nausea, and anxiety disorder.