Enon, Ohio-based processor Purpose Leaf produces the hōn (pronounced hone) brand of medical marijuana products available to patients with their cards. MedicateOH took a tour to learn more about the cannabis branch of the Hondros Family of Companies. 

About Purpose Leaf and the Hondros Family

John Hondors
John Hondros

John Hondros and his wife Linda’s first successful business endeavor was in real estate education. Over the course of more than 40 years that school became an accredited college offering licensing and degrees in not only Real Estate but Insurance, Appraisal, Nursing and Business all over the country. John and Linda were not users of cannabis, but were intrigued with the medical use after Linda served as the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s representative on the state’s medical marijuana task force. That task force eventually led to the passing of the 2016 bill

Before his passing in May 2022, John and his family made the decision to become involved in the new opportunities within the Ohio cannabis and hemp industries. They earned five of the original 56 licenses to operate dispensaries. Under the name Verdant Creations, locations were opened in Columbus, Cincinnati, Newark, Marion, and Chillicothe. Currently the family operates the dispensary in Columbus, a brand-new dispensary in Marengo, and one in Parkersburg, West Virginia for patients with medical cannabis cards.

Their daughter Kelly Hondros founded Hondros Hemp Farms and Motive CBD in 2019, just after Ohio legalized growing the plant after a 70-year ban. Motive produces and sells lab-tested CBD products for humans and pets in two Central Ohio retail locations and online, providing relief for pain and anxiety.

Processing at Purpose Leaf

Purpose Leaf’s Enon, Ohio extraction lab employs a variety of innovative, scientifically-driven processing techniques. Their goal as a company is to produce high quality, pure cannabis products without fillers or cutting agents. Says their website, “Nothing artificial – ever.” They source their flower from high-quality cultivators including Farkas Farms, Harvest of Ohio, and Cure Ohio. 

The processes that they use to make their edibles, vapes, and concentrates have been developed to preserve terpenes. “Our terpenes never touch heat,” says Scott Schilling, Processing Lead. “We never compromise the THC. They never go in the oven like all of these live badders. These live resins and rosins– they must put them in an oven to cure and they are killing their terpene profile.”

Two types of Concentrates: Cannabis Badder and Cannabis Pearls 

Purpose Leaf produces both Badder and Pearls both using THCA. The badder is raw 100% THCA with terpenes added and the pearls are converted to THCA with the terpenes added as a sauce. “We choose to use THCA for our concentrates because it has a much longer and much more stable shelf life,” says Schilling. He explains, “Your resins and your rosins, your bubble hashes —that stuff has a much shorter shelf life; even probably shorter than the year that Ohio allows for you to sell those products.”

Hōn Products to Watch For in Your Local Ohio Dispensary

THC-infused honey 

Crafted with local Newark Bee Barons LLC honey, this product is sourced from hives across Licking County, Ohio and infused with a rotating selection of all-natural flavors utilizing dried fruits and spices. It is about 3.2mg of THC per dose. 

Ghee Butter

Dairy and lactose solids are filtered out, leaving a product that is a bit healthier than butter, rich in vitamins A, E, D, and K. It is about 3.2mg of THC per dose. 


These are freeze-dried ice cream bites! Infused with Wyldflower blends, these are about 10 mg per dose. 

Olive Oil & Sticky Balsamic

Infused with artisan crafter Sciabica’s Olive Oil, it is about 3.2 mg of THC per dose. An infused sticky balsamic vinegar will be introduced soon. 

Cannabis Luster Pod and Cannabis Zico 510 Cartridge

These two different cartridge styles for vaporizing honor the plant’s natural profile with terpenes true to the strain extracted. Free of all fats and lipids using CO2 extraction methods, with no artificial fillers, cutters, or dyes. These come in strain specific and blends from their Wyldflower line.

Cannabis Badder & Pearls

The strain-specific cannabis badder produced by hōn is rolled into a ball. “We roll them because we understand that helps cure the product with the terpenes in that ball form,” says Schilling, adding it’s a technique they learned from Frenchy Cannoli. The pearls are created with THCA with the terpenes added back in as a sauce. 

Where to Find hōn Products

Find hōn product in your local Ohio dispensary by searching https://www.iheartjane.com/



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