Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Figures: March 2021

    Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program Board of Pharmacy Update

    On March 19, The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy published updated patient and caregiver numbers for the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program. See below the current totals for the patient, sales, and professional figures for Ohio’s medical cannabis industry.

    Patient Figures as of February 28, 2021:

    • 244,163 Total Recommendations
    • 176,387 Total Registered Patients
      • 11,722 Patients with Veteran Status
      • 12,714 Patients with Indigent Status
      • 915 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
    • 155,961 unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
    • 19,956 Registered Caregivers

    Sales Figures as of March 13, 2021:

    • 39,878 lbs. of plant material sold
    • 3,051,373 units of manufactured product sold
    • $338.3 million in product sales
    • 2,483,347 total receipts
    • Plant Sales Average: $30.34 per 1/10oz
    • Manufactured Sales Average: $42.46 per unit

    Professional Figures as of March 10, 2021:

    • 679 Certificates for Doctors to Recommend
    • 48 Processor Provisional Licenses
      Note: 30 provisional licensees have received Certificates of Operation
    • 7 Testing Provisional Licenses
      Note: 3 provisional licensees have received Certificates of Operation
    • 57 Dispensary Provisional Licenses
      Note: 52 provisional licensees have received a Certificate of Operation
    • 20 Level I Cultivator Provisional Licenses
      Note: 15 provisional licensees have received Certificates of Operation
    • 14 Level II Cultivator Provisional Licenses
      Note: 12 provisional licensees have received Certificates of Operation

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