Patients seeking to get their state medical marijuana (MMJ) card in Ohio for their chronic conditions report they’ve faced enormous difficulties in the process. From widely ranging medical marijuana doctors’ fees of $100-$300, to not knowing what and how to use their cannabis medicine once they get their card, Ohio patients need better options. These were the key reasons former dispensary pharmacists Rony Sinharoy and Lauren Delande of the consulting service MyMedicine, stepped in to help patients. 

Addressing Affordability for Patients

A research poll conducted earlier this year indicated that Ohio patients named affordability as one major barrier to joining and staying in the medical marijuana program. With some state-certified doctors charging upwards of $200 – $300 for evaluations, they recognized the need to provide a more affordable way for patients to obtain their state medical marijuana card. 

“From our experiences with prospective and active Ohio patients, the cost of medical marijuana cards can certainly be prohibitive. With dispensary staff assisting consumers in product selection, a qualifying diagnosis already made, and now the availability of telemedicine, the price of physician evaluations should be lower. This is one way of increasing access to the program,” Delande said.

Bill Passes For Telemedicine To Be Extended in Ohio Permanently

In March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic led the state to enact a rule to allow telemedicine for medical marijuana patients. For many Ohioans, especially those who live in rural areas or don’t have access to transportation, approval of telemedicine by the Ohio State Medical Board paved the way for them to finally receive medical care from home. For Sinharoy and his team, this provision allowed for a way to help cannabis patients in a new way. They launched their MyMD services in September 2021.

Telemedicine was set to expire March 31, 2022. However, the Ohio General Assembly passed a bill on December 8, 2021 that will permanently allow telemedicine evaluations for Ohio medical marijuana patients. This provision allows MyMedicine to continue to assist cannabis patients remotely.

A meeting with Ohio CTR medical marijuana doctor Dr. Frederick Slezak led to launching MyMD physician services in October 2021. MyMedicine plans to keep their 12-month card prices at $70 – $80 for all patients. 

“We provide appropriate value for the services patients receive without compromising the required high standard of care. During the appointment, our physicians provide initial medical oversight and guidance, then determine the interventions needed throughout the evaluation,” Dr. Slezak said.

The Need for Personalized Medicine 

Beyond providing medical marijuana recommendations, MyMedicine addresses all components of cannabis therapy and the accompanying medical considerations to improve patient safety and effectiveness. The service was established on the principle that patients using cannabis products can better be served when industry expertise is combined with elements of scientific discovery.

“The mission of MyMedicine is to deliver services which connect cannabis medicine, the cannabis industry, and cannabis consumers. Our pharmacists are uniquely positioned with well-rounded industry experience, medical backgrounds, and an understanding of the needs of both patients and cannabis companies,” Sinharoy said.

Getting Started with MyMedicine

Ready to take the next step in your medical cannabis care? To get your medical marijuana card and recommendation through MyMD, visit to schedule an appointment. 

Need additional guidance after receiving your card? MyMedicine’s Pharmacist Consultation service is a 60-minute session which includes a detailed program overview, health assessment, and cannabis treatment plan. Free with every pharmacist consultation comes ongoing Portal Messaging, offering therapy adjustments and effectiveness reviews.

“It can be frustrating, particularly for inexperienced patients, to feel rushed or receive inconsistent advice. While many consumers are familiar with cannabis use and how it affects their well-being, we want to make sure there is a comfortable outlet for those having difficulty managing their health condition with medical marijuana,” Delande said.

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