Cannabis brand “dialed.” recently entered the Ohio and Michigan markets with two separate lines of vape cartridges: one containing pure high-terpene live resin sauce and the other a live resin THCa diamond cartridge. The “dialed.” vape cartridges are sold alongside the high-lighter 510 thread universal vape battery, which emulates an everyday highlighter for discerning consumption and clean storage. MedicateOH reviewer Tyler Baker shares his experience with these unique new cannabis products:

The idea, the brand, “dialed.”

Throughout the cannabis industry there are companies that have started out with just an idea that developed into a brand. These companies then set out to produce medicine for patients. They develop relationships with licensed cultivators and processors and enter into a type of contractual manufacturing and brand licensing agreement. These brands can expand to multiple markets to appeal to different types of consumers. The brand “dialed.” is one of these brands. They have partnered with legal cultivators and processors in both Ohio and Michigan.

Live Resin Diamonds by “dialed.”

Play, Create, Chill Lineup

This lineup features half gram live resin vape cartridges that are made with THCA also known as Diamonds. Diamonds have become a popular type of concentrate due to the potency and the versatility of their usage. Lots of different products have been produced with live resin and the product I am about to talk about has represented the live resin community well.

PLAY: Headband X Dosido

Flavors are like a sweet hash dab with some citrus notes during the inhale and exhale. Effects hit like a perfect hybrid. I didn’t get tired, but some great tingles kept my body happy and a little relaxed.

CREATE: Lemonade Dream X Headband

Wonderful gassy lemon flavors during inhale and exhale. Left a nice citrus lingering aftertaste. Effects are great, very uplifting. I didn’t lose any motivation during my usage and was able to stay focused and aware.

CHILL: Deathstar X Dosido

Last but not least, this one gave me an earthy diesel flavor during the inhale and left me with a faint lemon aftertaste. High started with a nice body tingle that eventually spread to my lower body. Perfect for after work or for relaxing at home watching movies!

Where to find “dialed.”

There are some featured retailers across the state that are currently carrying “dialed.” I personally got my “dialed.” products from a couple different places. I picked up mine at Strawberry Fields in Columbus as well as Rise Lorain. Currently all three are available at Rise Lorain.

“The High-Lighter” 510 Vape Battery

Featured for use with their cartridges, “dialed.” is awaiting state approval for a patent-pending designed battery that resembles a highlighter writing utensil! This includes a protective cap for safe clean storage and discrete consumption. Also included is an eye-catching silver micro USB charging cord. The battery is an auto pull that runs at 3.7v with a 400mAh capacity. It comes in green, blue, and yellowish-orange. They are offering a deal in which you buy 2 batteries, and you get the 3rd for free.

Smart Coil Cartridge

Also helping “dialed.” set themselves apart from others in the vape industry is that they use an AFNOR emissions coil that has been tested and certified. This makes it the only vapor tested hardware on the market. The cartridges themselves are emissions tested and certified this includes the coil but not limited to. I never had any issues with clogging. I did attempt to burn the oil because the smart coil was advertised and claimed it would never burn the concentrate. I found this to be true.

I thoroughly enjoyed these Live Resin Diamond vapes. The flavors never changed, and from beginning to end I was really “dialed.” in!

Tyler Baker

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed these Live Resin Diamond vapes. The flavors never changed, and from beginning to end I was really “dialed.” in! Oil is a beautiful golden extract that has a perfect consistency. Extracted by Lighthouse Sciences, it lasted about a week of occasional use when flower was not accessible.

I will continue to look out for more products by “dialed.” I have been told that very soon an edible will be available, also formulated with a concentrate. Thanks for checking out my review!


Editor’s note: Medicinal cannabis patients have thousands of different products to choose from at the dispensary. MedicateOH writers provide these insights to aid in information-gathering. We remind everyone that treating medical conditions with cannabis should be done only in accordance with your doctors’ recommendations. Nothing is for sale on this platform.


  • Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker is a medical cannabis patient in the state of Ohio and was the first to purchase in Lorain County. Tyler has been using cannabis since 2009 to treat epilepsy and has become an advocate for cannabis normalization since that time. He says: "My passion for cannabis is unshaken; I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their well-being."


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