In the wake of the coronavirus emergency, staying healthy and promoting a safe, legal alternative to standard prescription medicines has become more important than ever.

Further, the public is a captive audience right now as they sit in their homes, many in fear of their own health decisions. The fact is, responsible local journalism is vital right now. Lives are at stake.

Therefore, the staff of MedicateOH plans to aggressively press on with building our online platform for holistic, alternative health. Additionally, MedicateOH is working on creating a physical magazine to put in dispensaries, health and wellness facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Our first issue will be centered around healthful tips and news for Ohioans to get healthy and stay healthy as well as stories of patients who have healed from diseases in Ohio and how they did so.

We’ll also do product reviews of Ohio’s medical marijuana products to build a database of anecdotal evidence from patients that can guide us to better health for Ohioans in the wake of this strange new normal.

Education is everything right now. Together, we can heal.


  • Alex Pearson

    Alex Pearson is an Executive Board Member and the Editor in Chief at Medicate OH. Outside of entheogenic medicine and cannabis writing, branding, and advocacy, Alex offers spiritually insightful and deeply transformational tarot and astrology readings at The Perry Rose Academy. She's a mother, wife, and friend to all.