It’s a Hit: Ohio Patients Sing Praises of Grow Ohio’s Cannabis Infused Honey

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Grow Ohio honey
Grow Ohio honey

A popular product of the Ohio medical marijuana market, Grow Ohio’s cannabis infused honey satisfies a lot of patients’ needs. Some patients have expressed a desire for a moderately-priced and high THC content edible in Ohio. This honey delivers on both points.

Why is honey a superfood?

Honey has been used as a powerful tool in medicine since ancient times. The possible health benefits make honey an attractive food for the health-conscious. It contains antioxidants, which could help lower blood pressure.  Honey’s been linked to improvement in cholesterol levels, too. Even some diabetics have reported that honey isn’t as bad for them as refined sugar because it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels quite as high.

Primarily made up of carbohydrates and packed with vitamins, amino acids, proteins, and minerals, honey makes a far healthier way to satisfy the sweet tooth than refined sugar. Since sugar or corn syrup are commonly used to make edible marijuana products, a natural alternative is important.

There is also conflicting (but interesting!) evidence that ingesting local honey could potentially help reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.


The Details

Grow Ohio’s cannabis infused honey is made from a full spectrum CO2 cannabis oil, wild flower and clover honey, and sunflower lecithin. The honey contains a little over 560 mg of THC, which is an attractive feature for patients needing high concentrations of cannabis. The product includes a small plastic scooping spoon to dose out your serving size, which they recommend to be 5 scoops or around 35 mg. Sixteen servings come per container.

The product is further described on the company’s website as:

  • USDA certified honey, full spectrum CO2 extracted cannabis oil for maximum effects and consistent patient experience
  • Water soluble, emulsified sunflower lecithin for faster effect and increased bio-availability
  • Indicated for all qualifying conditions listed in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program
  • Gluten free

So How Does it Taste?

The cannabis infused honey by Grow Ohio has a pretty mild flavor to it. I could taste the THC faintly, but I’m accustomed to the flavor so I didn’t mind it. Other users have also reported it’s got a “green” flavor from the THC.

Visually, the cannabis infused honey appears darker than regular honey. However, the consistency is smooth and sticky. Another cultivator in the Ohio program creates a raw honey that has a grainier consistency and a much lower THC total, so it’s important to note this when scanning dispensary menus.

Stretching Out Your Product

The tiny plastic spoon that comes with the glass jar of honey is not ideal. Your tongue will not be able to remove all the honey from the plastic spoon. (Trust me, I’ve tried.) If you like using the dosing spoon, you may consider spraying the measuring spoon with nonstick cooking spray so that you’ll get all the honey out of the spoon. Alternately, you can stir the honey into a cup of hot tea to remove the product from the spoon.

Beyond the somewhat useless spoon, one of the most difficult features to contend with when you get a jar of sticky honey is how to remove all the product from the jar. Especially when it contains good medicine, the last bits on the bottom should not go to waste.

I discovered a great trick for saving the scraps out of your jar of cannabis infused honey. If you carefully remove the label from the jar, you can then put it in a pot with some water and boil it over a stove. Toss in a tea bag for taste. Carefully remove the jar and pour yourself your hot cup of cannabis tea. It’s a great way to get an extra dose or two!

Ways To Use Cannabis Infused Honey

Cannabis infused honey is an incredibly versatile product. You can drizzle it over toast or a croissant for a decadent snack or stir it into your tea for a discreet way to micro-dose throughout the morning.

I like to stir my cannabis infused honey into a cup of caffeine-heavy English Breakfast tea in the morning. Because it makes me a little sleepy, the caffeine really balances me out. When I use it this way, I’m able to achieve a nice head-high that still allows me to stay focused during the day.

Several users reported they were able to sleep better when they dosed the cannabis infused honey before bedtime. One user on Reddit reported the honey not only helped him get to sleep, but he stayed asleep longer.

One important note: You shouldn’t use your cannabis infused honey for cooking. While you may use regular honey for food recipes, you’ll ruin the effects of your cannabis honey by cooking it too hot. THC degrades at temperatures in excess of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s good to keep that in mind so you don’t burn those precious trichomes!

Other Important Factors to Consider With Cannabis Infused Honey

At 560 mg per jar, this cannabis infused honey will pack a wallop if you aren’t used to the effects. Stirring your product before ingesting it is key. This will help you from possibly getting too much of the high-THC bits that settle toward the bottom.

Fear not if you wind up taking too much and end up in a honey haze. A little CBD oil, taking a nap, or eating a big meal will help bring down the effects of accidentally getting too high.

Price of the Grow Ohio honey is around fifty dollars. It’s available at many Ohio dispensaries, including Verdant Creations and Strawberry Fields.

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Editor’s Note: Medicate OH reminds patients that your experience with any medical marijuana product may differ from our reviewer’s based on your condition, dietary restrictions, or various other reasons. These reviews are only a reflection of one patient’s experience and are not meant as guidance to treat any condition.

Many new medical marijuana patients are encouraged to try new strains, forms, and varieties of marijuana to judge their effects until they find a consistent product that manages their condition reliably. This can be a frustrating and expensive process. We provide these reviews to help patients make decisions. We urge everyone to only use cannabis products in accordance with your medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation.

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