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Tyler Baker evaluated Garlic Breath 2.0, part of a Sneak Peek lineup from Ohio cultivator Buckeye Relief. The cultivator released the line of new strains to decide which strains to add to the permanent lineup. Here’s what Tyler thought of Garlic Breath 2.0:

Buckeye Relief is a company that has been on my radar for some time. They have created many strains as well as processed their product to different things like concentrates, edibles and vapes. Garlic Breath 2.0 is a part of the Sneak Peek lineup. In the previous months they have released new strains in which they seek Ohio patients’ input, to decide which strains to add to the permanent lineup.

About Garlic Breath 2.0

A strain bred in Michigan by Thug Pug Genetics, brings two very popular strains together called GMO and Mendobreath. This cross gave me some wonderful aromas and effects. It is a very new strain so there aren’t many details online. I am sure this strain will make a name for itself once more patients try it. The visuals and taste of this bud kept me coming back for more!

Indica/Sativa Ratio: Unknown Indica Hybrid

Terpene Profile: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Linalool

Dispensary: Body and Mind aka BAM in Elyria, Ohio

Price: Thirty five dollars plus tax with a 20% off discount on 4/20

First Impressions

Absolutely wonderful strain to examine and smell. I took many pictures as you can see that gave some beautiful detail. The color of the bud is a combination of dark green and purple hues as well as a surplus of orange hairs that spread throughout. There is also a fair amount of trichomes that gives a stickiness to the touch. A nice dense flower that has a combination of medium and smaller sized nugs which is something I seek out when I am choosing my flower.

The product came as a 2.83 and was in a childproof glass jar with a white lid. The cannabinoids and terpenes are labeled on the bottom of the jar. I like the size of this jar, it is smaller than the typical jar, which can make it seem like there is more than the large glass jar that you would get from other cannabis companies in the state.

Aroma & Effects

Upon opening the jar, I immediately received a stinky garlic smell that eventually translates to sweet citrus overtaking the garlic aroma once the flower is ground up. These aromas really caught me off guard because I did not expect to get such a heavy garlic smell in the beginning because of the high limonene content that was listed. Limonene is a terpene present in many cannabis strains. It is known for its uplifting effects as well as being able to stay focused during the day.

The effects on this strain were common amongst hybrids. Started with an uplifting high that gave me some serious upper body tingles in my arms and shoulders. With each hit the effects came on stronger and stronger, but I was able to stay aware and motivated. Eventually the effects traveled down my lower body and gave the same pain relief that it did for my upper body. Be careful because consuming too much of this flower will put you into a couch lock in which you’ll reach a state of relaxation!


I would like to talk about the terpenes that are present in this strain. Terpenes are what give cannabis its smell as well as how they interact with the cannabinoids. This particular strain has over 25mg in terpenes, which is on the higher end, compared to some. I prefer to find strains at 15mg or higher because terpenes are what give cannabis a lot of its effects. This strain is on the higher end of the THC scale. Coming in at 32.6%, it delivers both a heavy and long lasting high. The terpenes are testing at 2.55% and with numbers like that you will be sure to smell wonderful aromas and tasty flavors when consuming this strain.

            My overall experience with this strain will have me coming back for more! The high was perfect for a hybrid, experiencing a full-bodied feeling that I hoped would give me the effects of the GMO strain which is a heavy 80/20 indica cross. Feelings of happiness and the giggles made this experience a satisfying one. Tasting the flower with my Mighty+ vaporizer set at 350° revealed to me a weird lemony citrus flavor that was exceptionally smooth during the inhale. Once I exhaled, I noticed a tickle sensation in the back of my throat as well as my nose.

Thanks for checking out this review! Stay tuned for more to come!


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  • Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker is a medical cannabis patient in the state of Ohio and was the first to purchase in Lorain County. Tyler has been using cannabis since 2009 to treat epilepsy and has become an advocate for cannabis normalization since that time. He says: "My passion for cannabis is unshaken; I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their well-being."