Ohio family and cannabinoid physician Dr. Bridget Williams presents “Courage in Cannabis,” a compilation of inspiring stories written by patients and advocates who’ve been empowered by the plant.

About the Cannabis Compilation: “Courage in Cannabis” 

“This book was something that was literally keeping me up at night…. I realized, I need to do this,” Williams explained. Compelled by both scientific breakthroughs in cannabinoid medicine and the courageous stories of her patients and colleagues, Dr. Williams launched the project with her Green Harvest Health staff early this year. “Courage in Cannabis” launched digitally on Amazon, on December 13th, 2021, earning  Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank of #1 New Release and #1 Best Seller in Herbal Remedies and International Best Seller. 

“Courage in Cannabis” features doctors, lawyers, activists, patients, caregivers and pioneers in the cannabis industry. Each author shares their unique experience and perspective that’s led them to the plant. This inaugural book kicks off an ongoing series highlighting notable change-makers in the hemp, CBD, and medicinal cannabis industries. The first featured authors include: 

Adilah Anwar: Cannabis Committee Chair: NABCRMP

Franny Tacy: Hemp Pioneer/Entrepreneur

Joe Brennan: CBD Pioneer/Entrepreneur

Charlana Mckeithen: Champion & Trailblazer for BIPOC

Joyce Gerber: The Canna Mom Podcaster

Dr. Jennifer Anderson: Pediatric Cannabis/Advocate

Candy Flores: Cannabis patient and CBD Entrepreneur

Khadijah Adams Cannabis Investor/Entrepreneur

Andrea Sallis: Cannabis Entrepreneur/Educator 

Dr. Bridget Williams: Visionary/Cannabis Doctor/CBD Entrepreneur

Foreword by Kevin Greene: Multi-Entrepreneur/Cannabis Education/ Innovator

You can purchase your digital copy here or printed copy here.

Courage Through Story: A Cannabis Compilation 

Dr. Williams founded her Columbus, Ohio integrative health practice after 20 years treating patients in family and occupational medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. She shares her perspective that these stories reflect the true power of cannabis as a medicine. “Cannabis has the potential to not only improve people’s lives medically but heal their soul and provide a new path in life.” 

Learn more about Dr. Williams and Green Harvest Health. 

Contributing Ohio Authors

Mary Jane Borden is an author, artist, activist and cannabis advocate from Westerville, Ohio. During her 40-year career in drug policy, Borden co-founded seven cannabis-oriented groups, co-authored four proposed constitutional amendments, lobbied for six medical marijuana bills, and gave hundreds of media interviews. “I seem to be older than most people I meet nowadays in the movement,” Borden recalled. “I’m at the point in my life (closer to age 80 than 50) where I want to write my story–compose my autobiography.”

Borden continued: “It sometimes seems to me like folks believe that cannabis began in 2012 with passage of legalization in Colorado and Washington. No, it started decades ago when, for example, poor underfunded activists braved the cold winter to protest the repeal SB2 or to collect ballot issue signatures, or to attend hearings. Some paid with harassment, some paid with jail time, some paid with their lives. I want to honor those people by telling their stories, beginning with my own.”

Borden said she wants to present a longer timeline that gives context to the cannabis space aligned with Winston Churchill’s famed quote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” She also wants those who have found wealth and success in this industry to understand where their roots lie and to act sympathetically and accordingly. 

In addition to her contribution to Courage in Cannabis, Borden also writes a column for the Ohio independent news magazine, the Columbus Free-Press

Broderick Randle, Jr. is a sickle cell warrior and Business Development & Outreach Manager working for cannabis processor Beneleaves in Columbus, Ohio. He explained what sparked his interest in the project, “From the beginning of her vision when I was first asked to be a part of it. I couldn’t quite explain it, but I knew Dr. Bridget Williams was on to something!”

Randle continued: “I thought it would be a great idea to be involved in such a genius creative idea. Although I must admit I was very uncertain on where or how to begin! I did know that I certainly wanted to shed the light on both my sister and I as accurately as possible. Both of us were genetically born with the painful blood disease, Sickle Cell Anemia SS. Not only was I trying to educate society by raising awareness on the hidden condition, my main goal is to get the much-needed help from society for ALL the legit Sickle Cell Anemia organizations, or foundations out there! The national Sickle Cell Awareness month is recognized in September! The national color for the foundation or condition is red, also significant of the Sickle Cell shaped “red” blood cells.

Broderick Randle, Jr. promotes “Courage in Cannabis” at MedicateOH’s Cannabis Health Fair & Holidaze Gift Market on December 14th, 2021.

On how he hoped the Courage in Cannabis project could help others with his sickle cell anemia, Randle said this: “I most importantly would like my story to be able to touch those struggling daily with the condition. Those who are parents, friends, or caregivers of anyone battling this condition. Along with organizations helping to provide further education and a better quality of life! Secondly, I worked hard to write it so that even those without condition may be able to understand the mental or physical struggles someone may be dealing with. I would say that anyone with a hidden disability could relate to being misunderstood or uncertain in certain circumstances. What is sadly tough to be understood about this medical plant is that its benefits seem to come with A LOT less harsh side effects on the human body. I hope to move the bars closer to being federally legal and normalized amongst kids, elderly, and ALL of society!!”

Sharing Your Cannabis Story

Dr. Williams yearned to dedicate an ongoing safe space for cannabis advocates to share their personal stories. In addition to the book, Green Harvest Health produces a weekly program on the Clubhouse app. The Courage in Cannabis Clubhouse, airing on the Reclaim your Wellness Club, Tuesdays at 7pm EST, invites people from across the globe to come and share stories of healing and transformation. “It’s been such a beautiful place for people to share and learn. And know that they’re not alone and validated in their experience,” Dr. Williams said. Trisha Newland, LISW, of Green Harvest Health agrees. “I don’t think we realized the impact that the Clubhouse would have… I personally did not realize how moving that experience was going to be and I think that’s going to continue to grow.” 

Green Harvest Health extends an opportunity to be an author in the next Courage in Cannabis book release. To participate, contact Newland at trisha@greenharvest.health


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