Could These Cannabis Product Innovations Make Your Dosing Easier?

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    When you think of medical marijuana, the first thing that comes to mind might be a bong or a joint. You may not be aware, but smoking cannabis is actually illegal in many states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Vaporizing is permitted but some patients find they do not like how vaping affects their body. Thankfully, there are many legal choices beyond vaporizing for medicating with cannabis. And many of these products are specifically designed for discreet, accurate medical dosing.

    Looking to find the type of cannabis that’s right for you? Here’s a rundown of some innovative products that are hitting Ohio dispensaries in the coming weeks and months.

    Products for Vaporization

    Vaporizing your cannabis over smoking it: 

    BeneLeaves Roaches

    BeneLeaves Roaches

    President of BeneLeaves, Bill Williams, noted that patients in Ohio have been asking for more discreet options for dosing. The Columbus-based cannabis processor wanted to respond with something Ohio patients could take along with them for medicating when they aren’t at home. Their new vaporizer called the Roach is a coin pocket-sized, strain-specific disposable vape pen. Some of the features of the Roach include: 

    • discreet 
    • convenient
    • perfect for events 
    • disposable
    • 350 mg, in the $20 price range, making it very affordable 
    • newest device on the market 
    • from California 
    • made to be ripped
    • 10 second metered dosing 
    • 3 strains: Wedding cake, Sherbtane, Citral Glue

    Ancient Roots Indose

    Wilmington, Ohio-based Level 2 cannabis company Ancient Roots also has a few new vaporizing products available as well. The Indose is a precise aerosol medication dosage vaporizer aimed at helping patients target their desired effect. The Indose measures the precise amount of vapor present in each unique vapor cloud it expels. So whether you’re taking a big deep hit, or several quick puffs, the sensors will continuously measure the density and volume of your vapor clouds, recording and showing the cumulative levels of THC or CBD you’re inhaling so you can know when you’ve had enough. Ancient Roots will also be producing vaporizers in a small device called the Dablicator, which makes medicating on-the-go easier, cleaner, and more discreet. 

    Diamond Science Vaporizers

    Diamond Science is the sister company to Level 2 Cultivator Ohio Clean Leaf.  Similar to OCL, Diamond Science focuses on small batch, high quality, boutique strain-specific, medically sound products. Diamond Science is a craft processor that caters to cannabis connoisseurs and patients that are wellness-focused. 

    Currently, Diamond Science is offering half gram 510 thread carts of the following strains (cultivator in parentheses):

    • Lemon Royal (Ohio Clean Leaf)
    • Platinum OG (Ohio Clean Leaf)
    • Rainbow Wonka (Farkas)
    • Louie OG (Farkas)
    • True Colors (Hemma) 
    • Citrus Crush (Hemma)

    Diamond Science vaporizers are produced in a one hundred percent hydrocarbon-free facility. They preserve terpene profiles from original cultivars. They do not add botanicals or CBD to any of their products, giving the products bold, natural flavors.  If they need to dilute, they use a blend of CBC, CBG, and CBN, creating a pleasurable entourage effect for the end user.


    Ancient Roots Live Rosin

    Ancient Roots has also been hard at work this winter developing a new product: small batch fresh frozen live rosin. Live rosin is a solventless hash oil concentrate made via a different process than traditional butane hash oils. 

    Live Rosin is made by taking fresh frozen cannabis and agitating it in an ice water bath. The trichome heads are collected in a series of micron screen bags, separated, and put through a freezing and drying process. The end product of this process is called bubble hash. The hash gets pressed with minimal heat and pressure through another filter bag to make the terpene and cannabinoid rich live rosin.

    A few of the strains Ancient Roots will offer in live rosin include Lemon Kush, Gelato Twist, and Peach Crescendo. 

    Beverages Are Here!

    If you find that edibles are your go-to way of medicating, you might be interested in trying a drinkable this summer! Cool and refreshing, some patients find that water-soluble beverages give them a different effect than edibles and find it helps them to microdose throughout the day rather than one big hit. Beverages also offer a discreet way to medicate, which might be helpful for daytime when you’re out and about.

    Curaleaf Select Squeeze

    Select Squeeze from Curaleaf

    One new beverage products that’s brand new to Ohio dispensaries is Curaleaf’s Select brand Squeeze, per Select (Curaleaf’s) recent Instagram announcement. This product is meant to dissolve into your own beverage like tea, coffee, or soda. Each squeeze of the bottle produces an metered 5mg dose every time, making getting the right amount of product easier. 

    Buckeye Relief Keef Life Beverages

    Buckeye Relief Keef Beverages

    Eastlake, Ohio based Tier 1 cultivator Buckeye Relief has just started producing a new beverage product called Keef Life and they are very popular with patients! So much so that Buckeye Relief tells us they are installing a 2nd infusion tank this week to keep up with demand and have plans in the works to start selling new flavors asap.

    Keef beverage details:

    • 100mg THC / 12oz Bottle
    • Infused with nano-emulsion technology for consistent dosing
    • Sublingual uptake for faster onset
    • Resealable 15ml dosing cap included: 35ml = 10mg THC
    • Gluten Free & Vegan


    KIWI STRAWBERRY Life H20 – low calorie, low sugar (5 cal, 1g sugar per serving!)

    LEMONADE Mocktail – naturally sweetened with cane sugar

    One cool feature that Keef Life beverage has is a phenome-specific infusion for a desired effect. Strawberry Kiwi is infused with Hybrid for a balanced effect. This Lemonade is a higher-dosed product that was specifically designed for patients with a higher THC tolerance and those who wish to consume with more flexibility. You can either pour Keef Life beverages over ice, mix it with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, or just simply drink it from the bottle. 

    If there’s one thing this list shows, it’s that there are so many legal choices beyond vaporizing for medicating with cannabis. If you’re struggling to find the right cannabis product to effectively treat your condition, don’t give up hope! One of these new products may be right for you. Always use caution when trying any new cannabis product.

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