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Ohio medical marijuana patient and MedicateOH reviewer Tyler Baker checks out some Strawberry Lemonade badder this week, a product by CannAscend Ohio Processing. Here’s what he thought:

There are multiple cultivars (strains) that are named Strawberry Lemonade, so when I was doing the research, I had to do a little more digging. This specific cultivar was bred by Mike at Exotic Genetix. This grower has won more than 50 cannabis cups based on his genetics, so his cultivars have been chosen by countless growers across the United States. This specific cross brought together “Lemon Tree” as well as “Strawberries and Cream”. Both strains are known for having a great taste and producing evenly balanced effects for users.

Cultivar: Strawberry Lemonade

Processor: CannAscend Ohio Processing LLC

Terpene Profile: Limonene Dominant

Dispensary: Strawberry Fields Columbus

Price: 48 dollars with a 20% discount (paid with Spendr)

First Impressions

When I bought this product, it had been highly recommended to me by the CEO and Founder of Spendr, Lucas Gould. It was available in two forms, badder and sugar. Badder is normally a thicker goopy consistency, and sugar is a chunkier saucy combination. I bought the badder because it’s my favorite type of consistency and there seems to be less waste with a badder type concentrate just depending on how you are consuming.


This product is .85 grams total weight. This jar is the same as the previous concentrate I bought that was made by CannAscend Processing LLC. A sticker on top of the lid says HASH. This stands for “Holistic and Spiritual Health”.

The lid itself is black and childproof. To open, both sides must be squeezed, and the lid lifted straight up. It can be somewhat difficult at the beginning, but it gets easier the more you use it. On the bottom of the glass jar there is a brief description of what it was crafted from as well as some other general information. There was also a black plastic childproof bag that the jar was placed in. The package had all information regarding cannabinoids, terpenes, production dates, etc.

Strawberry Lemonade Visual, Aroma, Taste

I was very excited about this concentrate because I was a huge fan of the flower that was grown by Certified Cultivators. This concentrate was made from that flower using a “fresh frozen” process, which means the flower was put into extremely low temperatures immediately after harvesting. This is done to preserve the heavy terpene and trichome content that is present in the flower during harvest.

Visually, this badder was very pleasing to look at. There was a beautiful yellow-orange color, with a puddle of terpenes that had settled from the concentrate and made for a memorable smell. My nostrils were taken over by a fantastic aroma of ripe strawberries being crushed down to be made into strawberry jam! It was an extremely satisfying smell.

I consumed in my MiniNail in the low 500 degree range. This produced an unforgettable sweet berry taste followed by a lingering strawberry aftertaste that was very pleasant to my palate. This is one of the best-tasting live resins I have ever had!

Strawberry Lemonade Terpenes and Cannabinoids

The numbers on the packaging gave me an idea of what to expect with the overall effects. The THC content was right around 70% along with a small amount of CBG, which I have noticed tends to show up in daytime-style cannabis products.

The terpene numbers were outstanding with limonene coming in as the top terpene, followed by myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool. A few others were present but only in micro amounts. Overall, there was a 5.57% of total terpene content. Click here for the full COA.

Overall Experience of Strawberry Lemonade Badder

This strain was everything I hoped for, plus some. As I said before, I used my MiniNail to consume this concentrate. If you’re not familiar with this device, it was added to the Compliant Devices List for the State of Ohio earlier this year. It gives the consumer the ability to take away the traditional heat-up method of using a torch.

A lot of people shy away from using a glass rig because of the tools needed to consume. The MiniNail makes it simple by plugging into a 3-prong outlet and flipping a switch to begin the heat up process. It has a digital reader that uses two buttons to increase and decrease the temperature. I typically stay around 500 to 575 degrees to help preserve the concentrate.

The effects are more enhanced when it’s vaporized at a lower temperature, in my opinion, and that is because it takes longer to consume the entire concentrate instead of heating it up fast and being done within a few seconds. That is nice sometimes, but with this sativa-dominant product I knew slow and easy was the best way. The effects on this were amazing. I rarely come across a daytime concentrate that can motivate me and provide a functional high that was long-lasting.

The effects on this were amazing. I rarely come across a daytime concentrate that can motivate me and provide a functional high that was long-lasting.

Tyler Baker

Spendr Update

I made sure to save this new product in the “My Products” tab on the Spendr App. It allows Spendr users to save any product they purchased by taking a picture and writing down some basic information about the product. This can improve and enhance the overall patient experience by allowing us to essentially never forget any product, good or bad that we have tried.

If you’re a Spendr user, make sure your app is up to date as there have been multiple new features that have been added in the last month or so. Several new locations are now available, with Verdant Creations in Columbus becoming the second medical cannabis dispensary here in the state of Ohio that accepts Spendr.


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  • Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker is a medical cannabis patient in the state of Ohio and was the first to purchase in Lorain County. Tyler has been using cannabis since 2009 to treat epilepsy and has become an advocate for cannabis normalization since that time. He says: "My passion for cannabis is unshaken; I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their well-being."