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Evaluating Sun-Grown Chem OG Flower From Ohio Cultivator Firelands Scientific

MedicateOH reviewer Tyler Baker shares his experience with a Firelands Scientific flower strain he enjoyed called Chem OG. Here's a little more about what he thought:

HASH Brand by Cannascend makes Ice Cream Cake a new go-to for Ohio patient

This week, Tyler Baker reviewed Ice Cream Cake, a live resin concentrate product by CannAscend Ohio Processing, LLC in Wilmington, Ohio. Here's what he thought:

Buckeye Relief Sneak Peak of Garlic Breath 2.0 Hits High Notes for this Reviewer

Tyler Baker evaluated Garlic Breath 2.0, part of a Sneak Peek lineup from Ohio cultivator Buckeye Relief. The cultivator released the line of new strains to decide which strains to add to the permanent lineup. Here's what Tyler thought of Garlic Breath 2.0: